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The Fun Fishing for Peacock Bass Landed in Big ParanÁ

Hello friends fishermen!
Now that I moved to the city of Summerside, finally realized my dream: majestic Paraná River fishing, and after a long period of time, I managed to make a nice catch landed small Peacock bass and Joanne (Jacundás). To break this prejudice of the fisherman fishing in river is only made by boat, we can make a good catch of fish for small and medium businesses in the ravine.

To start, I tried a well-structured margin with more robust equipment to catch fish would be of 1 kg.
Artificial bait here was unfeasible, many jam, and due to the presence of Piranhas at the site, the best thing to do would be to use natural bait, which is the famous shrimp.

We started to fish, the depth of the margin was approximately 1.5 m. full of stones, perfect place for ambushes from predators, the plan would be to launch with only the weight of the bait and nothing more, to give the greater realism to bait, don’t put anything, only the leader of metro 1 thicker to prevent stones cut the main line.
On the first pitch a little Tucuninha grabbed the bait, this has the color of Peacock bass-Paca, but actually is a Peacock bass yellow cub.

Let go, and set the set again, after some lost baits, a Peacock bass blue took firm, also was the 15 cm.

After him, the size increased, snagged one of 20 cm.

The size was getting between 20 to 25 cm.

After a while, the fish has changed, the bait touched bottom, and a raw fish took the bait, was a Jane! (Jacundá) known as maria-mole here by residents, and had nearly 1 kg, giant!

Another minor by 23 cm.

On breaks, a Peacock bass-almost 1 kg blue hooked! emotion guaranteed!

Another Jeanne! look at Janet’s spot on the tail, it is a close relative of the Tucunaré, the difference is that she is more long and cylindrical.

Look at that beautiful!

Look at this color variation, with the back Red! sensational, beautiful fish!

Another Jeanne, that was bigger. but this was the day the Joanas!

The bait! the shrimp is baited by belly, but sometimes I iscava shrimp in the back in the shell.

The equipment used was:

Stick Marine Sports Hunter Fish 6 ‘ 5 (1.95 m) 15-30 lbs.
Reel Contender GTO Ocean Big Game Marine Sports.
Marine line 0.20 mm Raiglon Super Sports Tournament.
Leader of Marine Sports line Vexter 0.37 monofilament mm.de approximately 1 metre.
Chinu hook 3

The reason to use this equipment is:
Stick: a strong stick in this modality is essential, because we can hook a fish larger than expected, and the reason to have a lot of stones in the ravine, a stick with good traction is required to remove the fish from the jam on “marra”, and a longer stick allowed longer casts, and with bear bait-casting to give cutting edge touches to give life to the shrimp while he goes down to the bottom.
Reel: a reel with at least 150 meters of this line is necessary to have the safety when the fish is larger and take more line, and it is inevitable that the line suffer some grated on the rocks, then cut the damaged part, hence the need to have more line on the reel to supply this need very constant line.
Line: monofilament line is best in point of abrasiveness against stones, and for being more unobtrusive for being thin, is almost invisible in the water fooling fish better.
Leader: this thicker leader is to protect the line of stones, and allow time to take the fish, so much so that, note that he’s almost the size of the depth of fishing point, and also protects against abrasive type teeth tucunaré and Jeanne.

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