The Importance Of Choosing A Suitable Bra For Sports

And you, and lights the bra suitable for sports?  Just as it is important to go with adequate, comfortable and elastic clothes for physical exercise, we must also take care underwear that we can to sweat and burn calories.

And according to a recent study, the 75% of women who play sports regularly do not use a sports bra for it . And that can be harmful to the health of the breasts. During exercise breasts move much, and experts recommend wear underwear that hold strongly to prevent loss of firmness with time and physical activity.

When choosing the right sports bra is essential to know what physical activity will do.  Activities such as yoga or gymnastics require less movement breasts, while sports like tennis, running or cycling make them move more. Another factor to consider is the size of the breasts , which will determine the type of bra you choose.

Small and medium breasts can use fasteners pressing the chest, while women with breast should use the designs for recollection.  According to Dr. Elisa Fernandez, this type of bra it is best suited for sports. We recommend Night Bra, Bra for firming and breast care, thanks to its anti – aging effect prevents the appearance of wrinkles in the area. It can be combined with other bra for sports, so that the breasts are much more subject.

More and more fasteners designed to care for the breasts and prevent loss of firmness, acting directly on the skin with an anti-aging effect.

Find your perfect sports bra for your silhouette and needs!