The Lamp Andrei Laurie Lumière

Graphic, current, voluptuous, light and feminine, the lamp Andrei displayed all these qualities and deserves many other superlatives.Atypical, it is part of the sculpture luminaires. This is our must have of the week… to adopt urgently!

Why we need the lamp Andrei?

Because the lamp Andrei charm immediately by its perforated and twisted form. With its regularly cut fabric slats, it reveals a haunting and poetic spiral line. This graphic game intensifies once the flashlight to compose an original light effect and draw light on the surrounding surfaces, such as walls or floors.

With what we use?

With design furniture to the strained and geometric lines it will soften. Its nice height of 56 cm allows it to be placed on the ground to deploy its spiral shape. Andrei also enhance nature scenes and blends harmoniously with blond wood furniture. For fans of the mixtures of styles, choose the white version on an old dresser in dark wood for a particularly elegant and chic contrast.

For what style of play?

Unclassifiable, this lamp easily interfere in a radically different interior styles: design, Bohemian, Scandinavian, nature… It is particularly suited to salons or the bedrooms to bring a very zen extra light described by

Its ‘more’ practice?

Made in fabric, this lamp offers a long service life, because it is less fragile paper. It is also easy to maintain. Andrei also broadcasts a very soft light filtered through its central tube.

Its ‘more’ deco?

Its delicate and truly original look. Available in white or grey, she displays a timeless style and plays with new transparency effects. Treat yourself to this lamp which will become without any doubt a centerpiece of your home at a very good price.