The Most Beautiful Scarf

The scarves are sophisticated and feminine accessories perfect for spring, when the wind and rain can take us by surprise, a scarf protects from the cold but it is also very glamorous. The history of fashion has seen the triumph of the scarves Hermes, Christian Dior, Saint-Laurent, Chanel and Givenchy as well as Gucci, Ferragamo and Burberry. Let’s see the most beautiful scarves and glam spring summer 2012, from classic models to the more mischievous.

Prada scarf

Prada this year surprised us with beautiful silk scarf decorated with the sparkling prints and cheeky, perfectly in line with the views prints on clothing. The price is about 280.00 Euros.

Foulard Blugirl e Blumarine

The most beautiful scarves investtops is made ​​of silk in shades of green, on the one hand we find the calle other a animal print, wild but also decent, the price is 85,00 €. The scarf Blumarine costs a bit ‘more (145, 00 Euros) but has a print and the more elaborate designs, a mix of colors that make us dream of beautiful places and magical.

Scarves sophisticated Hermes, Bulgari and Ferragamo

The more famous Hermes scarves are definitely ones, timeless models that have made ​​the history of fashion and that are invaluable. Hermes for spring 2012 offers us fabulous scarf silk twill summer, a special type of silk is obtained from the weaving of very fine silk threads, a soft, smooth fabric, but also very light. The price is about 580.00 Euros. Bulgari proposes a scarf beautiful silk, embellished with a print of the coins, which incorporates the lines of bags and accessories.

The price is 285,00 €. Ferragamo instead focuses on printed silk with an exotic pattern in warm tones with a maxi leopard. The price is 255,00 €.

Scarf necklace Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood always knows how to stand out and offer original accessories, for summer offers us a beautiful necklace scarf printed silk which will be yours for the price of 118,98 €. This scarf is very attractive but you can not wear as you want, but only around the neck.

A scarf is forever

The scarf is a silk handkerchief of French origin that was always one of the most glamorous accessories and sophisticated ever. The scarf can be used as headgear when worn on the head, great for speeding on a convertible or a walk on the waterfront. You can use it as a scarf or as a shawl over her shoulders, also can be used as a belt by passing it into the loops but also tied to bags.Admire the beautiful class of Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly with their scarves.