The Other Nokia Models-Price and Availability

In addition to the flagship Lumia 1520 presented also a midrange Nokia phablet, Lumia 1320. Read about the other presentations.

Nokia has just unveiled their new flagship Lumia 1520, which is a 6 inch large phablet. You can read more about price and availability of the.

In addition to Lumia 1520 welcomed today’s keynote in Abu Dhabi also on a midrange phablet, which reads the name Lumia 1320, as well as the new Nokia tablet Lumia 2520.

Lumia 1320 launches in the first quarter of 2014 in the first markets that include Viet Nam and China, and only later will other markets get on with local prices and dates.

The new tablet will come already in some markets in the fourth quarter, among other things. in the United States, the UK and Finland. It remains to be seen, when it comes to the Danish market, price and availability will be announced officially at a later occasion.

In addition to Lumia-Nokia also presented three new models-models, Asha’s Asha 500, 502 and 503. ASHA 500 and 502 not come neither to Denmark or Scandinavia, but it remains to be seen whether Asha 503 will come in our market area.