The Perfect Men’s Wallet

Recently I had to find my old leather wallet has the best days behind him: the once beautiful leather is frayed and the old model is really fashionable anymore. No wonder, finally, the stock market has also quite a few years under their belt. Now, slowly, it is time for a new daily companion. But the choice of the matching wallet is not easy and would like to be well thought out, because in the bag department store, you will find a huge selection of chic men’s wallets.

As a man, you’d think there first practically. So I put special value on a high-quality leather, finally the new piece of jewelry to keep still for a while. According to allunitconverters, the new wallet should provide enough space for coins money bills and all money, business and discount cards it has accumulated in the course of time.

A Question of Format

But before it goes to such details, the question arises first of all according to the correct format. Should it be a wallet in the Portrait or landscape ? For one, this is of course dependent on the own aesthetic sensibilities, on the other hand arises also the question of what is practical. Mostly his money like always sure noticeable, i.e. directly on the body helps one (s). The classical landscape format has the advantage that it fits into almost any jeans pocket and not too applies also in the inside pocket of a more elegant jackets here. Men like me, carrying purse prefer their masters in the pocket with it, come to the landscape as for the pulse Mr Exchange piquadro barely past.

Mostly, the landscape as “Bifold” comes along. This variant is very flat and easy to handle and can be opened with one hand, but often only a few plug-ins and card slots are available for it. The three-part version (“trifold”) is often significantly more subjects, is for this but something less flat and must more be folded once. Another advantage of the cut is that access to the notes as opposed to portrait mode is protected in your pocket. Purses that secure with an extra zipper allow, such as the model of Teddy Bear by aunts & uncles provide additional security.

But not every man has his wallet in your pocket with. Just for men who wear their wallet rather in the jacket, in an extra pocket in the inside pocket of a suit with the portrait can be a good choice (depending on the size of the purse). The portrait has long been reserved rather than women. In addition, portrait purses have mostly larger coins compartments. The trifold version of the portrait purse usually offers the most space for all important items such as cash, money and credit cards, tickets, passport, driver’s license, business cards, etc. Who is much on travel and many utensils or much spare change with it, for the portrait orientation can provide a real added value.

Can It Be Some Color?

Most men attack at money exchanges like to brown or black leather. With these timeless colors not much can make one (s) wrong. Those who like something modern and more colorful, for there but also great models with light color accents or strong colours in the bag department store. Buffalo in the trendy red or the blue square mens exchange of Piquadro are super here E.g. the Gulf RV purse by Brown in the distinctive “Blu notte”-Farbton with blue details.

An important feature of quality for a high-quality wallet is also the material used in addition to the processing type, finally the new favorite Exchange should be a faithful companion and hold. Recommended gegeberte and refined natural leathers are vegetable. In the vegetal tanning animal skins are treated with vegetable tanning agents environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable. This retained the original character of the leather. Noble beef or calf leather boasts not only a great, mostly pleasantly soft feel, but also excels in the natural flexibility and a high durability. Because leather is a natural product, also the “grip” the purse is different depending on the processing and the leather. In the middle of an animal skin, the leather is often fine scarred and out rather coarse scarred to the edge and each leather has a very own distinctive grain. The grain thinks the facing to the outside / hair page (an animal), grained surface of leather. Whether you rather choose for a rough, textured leather or a smooth, fine grainy leather, is the personal taste. You can see high-quality purses and others that that they were not stuck around at the edge and around the card and Münzfacher but processed with a fine seam. With increasing use, a high-quality leather Gets a fine patina, which gives its unique character of the purse.

In addition to the classic men’s wallet, there are also alternatives. Who wants to store as his cards separately, is also a large selection of stylish credit card holders and business card holdersin the bag Department. It can be used also in addition to a smaller purse with a few credit card slots.

As you can see, the men should think through the choice of the perfect purse. But the classical solid, sporty modern or simply timeless – for each style there are the right Exchange in the bag department store. My absolute favorite is currently the Elgin Intl. traveler by fossil. More 5 pockets offers 8 credit card slots, is very handy by the landscape and the finely grained Rindler has not only a great feel, but also provides the necessary durability. In addition, she cuts a fine figure with the colored the details visually and is anything but boring.

I hope I was able to somewhat help you with choosing the right men’s wallet and give a few suggestions. And what is your personal favorite from our collection? Have you already taken a particular model in the eye?