The Settlers Move Back!

Today with a something else “touched” – test. For the ultrathin I went in a Deutsche Bahn ICE. For me clearly, because it belongs too. Mobile faster texts writing, as with the touch keyboard for the iPad.

And once again I have found: haptics is untouchable.

To have fixed keys under your fingers, with the feeling, it writes faster and safer, than is the case that directly on the iPad.

In addition, that the ultrathin looks just time really well. Envious glances of fellow passengers included.

For a complete impression look at best the video directly from the train. And if you feel desire then on BB´s even gets, you can test the keyboard in the shop itself. Still a Logitech is 100% satisfied or money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the keyboard, it returns the money period of 4 weeks. But believe me, you will not want it.