What Sports Bra to Buy

We know just how uncomfortable chest movement is by practicing certain sports. To read all the comments of the blog, I saw that there were several questions on this topic, so I’ve put hands to work to achieve the perfect subject!

Our mammary glands are more mobile than the rest of the body’s organs (depending on the size, clear), therefore, we need a bra suitable for protecting them. If we don’t have it, those movements in the chest can cause discomfort, pain, discomfort and even in the most extreme cases, loosening of ligaments. The latter did not until recently and has made me more aware of the need to protect us.

It is clear that greater impact in the sport, greater restraint will need. Running is a high-impact sport so we need to take care of us and protect us good.

When we go to a bra site, we should take into account 3 factors:

CLAMPING. The chest can be attached by compression and/or meditation. How much greater the intensity of the sport that we practice, we will need the top to hold in one way more complete and therefore has to be also stronger.

Comfort. It is very important that the model you choose will commensurate with our size and shape of the breasts. Furthermore, should avoid excess or defect of fit, uncomfortable strips, fabrics that can cause scratches and rings that can disturb and even dig into the skin.

MATERIAL. We must invest in quality. The best brands have developed breathable technologies capable of releasing sweat; they dry quickly and prevent us to feel wet.

ADIDAS has released a wonderful collection of Bras and Sports Bras which combine functionality and style. I have to say that they are my favorite, because are very comfortable and very effective. In addition, there are many shapes and colors, they are beautiful and very feminine!.

They have high, medium and low clamping, and with the motto #encuentraeltuyo have released a few tables that you can find your perfect size and the subject you need depending on the sport you want to practice. It is very simple! It is the BRA FINDER of #mygirls (here is a video of #encuentraeltuyo by Adidas).

* LOW CLAMPING. Ideal for activities of low impact as golf, yoga, walking and pilates.

* MOUNTING MEDIUM. Designed for medium such as boxing, dance, bike, or skate -impact activities.

* HIGH CLAMPING. Perfect designs for high-impact activities, like running, tennis, football and horseback riding, among others.


I love the concept of “fashion” that has been created around the Sports Bras, since not only serve to bring them under the shirt, as underwear, but also as a substitute for it. If we take one of these safe tops that gives us just take off our shirt, albeit at times, and move on.

Every woman can be found who do better and that you like most, because comfort is not incompatible with the design and, let us be clear, to underwear color meat has gone down in history! Above the bright colours, giving joy.

I think a super success strapless widths and – adjustable on some models – cross in the back, since they ensure stability with the movements of impact and maximum comfort.


Has been proved that the majority of women do not use proper bra for sport, so find out what need it and invests in the care of your breasts. I you have recommended that I use, but… now your turn to find yours!

NIKE has also released three types of fasteners: high clamp, light and medium. From the website you can choose which suits you!

Notes: When you go to buy one, I recommend that you try it for yourself and make some movement similar to the sports you want to practice with him: jumps, moves the arms, stretch… to see if it is what you are looking for or not, as well as to see if you find it comfortable both tissue and form. If you’re a runner, remember that you will always need a high grip.

Side from sports brands are becoming more the fashion firms selected under the Sport line models are developed (although most suitable for middle fasteners): H & M, Mango, Victoria´s Secret…. If you buy online note the type of sport you are going to practice. As I said above it is essential to assess the level of attachment you need. Online search filters tend to go for support, size, padding, color (here you can find Bras with push-up effect where you need it). Not values only the design. There is a bra for every body and every workout.

It is a pleasure to feel that you have the breast well collected and subject. This is fundamental for sport without that nothing bother you or distracted.

It is not a fashion, they are improvements that help feel free doing sport.

A big kiss to all! I hope that you have been helpful this post;)