Themes Nokia N95, N95 8 g, N97, etc. ..

Several different themes to customize your Nokia mobile phone and never get bored of the same appearance. Several readers ask about how to find themes for Nokia mobile phones, so I decided to do some research and organize a list of sites that provide cell phone themes for download.

Each site has its own method of download, and the quality of the themes may vary. The vast majority of the themes are free, but what you prefer you can pay for a premium theme.

I’ve tried many different themes on my Nokia N97, and I ended up with a simple theme and darker. I ran some tests of battery consumption using the battery monitoring app Nokia Energy Profiler and I found that the lighter themes make N97 spend around 10% more battery. As the screen of the Nokia N97 is large, the consumption of the same is very significant in relation to the rest of the cell components.

So, below is a list of sites that provide themes for Nokia phones, including N95, N95 8 g, N97 and several other serious no of Nokia. There are themes that work on all versions of Symbian and others only in specific versions. Check your version before downloading.

Mobile9: also has themes, ringtones and wallpapers.

Zedge: hundreds of varied themes for N95, mainly. The themes are more flamboyant and daring than the Mobile9.

Rannat: many topics, organized by category and by most popular themes.

Liked the sites? Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite subject and the model of your device. It’s a good idea to use these themes for your appliance make new life, especially when they are already more old people.