Things You Do When You Wake up

Sleeping well is important, but it is good to wake up even more. That’s such bad habits to overcome for revival by supergirl!
Everyone knows that a good sleep of 7-8 hours restaurateur is essential for our psycho-physical newspaper.

Things You Do When You Wake up

On the contrary, we pay little attention to a moment where “success” is just as important for our health and for the conduct of our day: the awakening.

So how often we put into practice the strategies and we resort to many different remedies for good sleep, we should do the same to wake us up well.

The awakening does not represent the most traumatic moment of our day, but a natural event to be tackled with determination and awareness. As wake up devices for heavy sleepers, an alarm clock is the best choice.

Certainly quarrel with the alarm, to struggle to get his turn in the bathroom and drink a quick coffee before going to work or lessons do not help us to start the day in the best way.

As if we asked for a car to leave in fifth.

The benefits are certainly not the best.

Waking up well is a right and a duty to which we should all be taken into account.

The biggest mistake is above all think that grant us 10 minutes extra sleep, laze a bit ‘under the covers, there is more helpful than to wake up early and quietly in the morning.

Absolutely wrong!

Recent studies, for example, have shown that the risers are the most happy and able to deal with the unexpected newspapers with more lucidity and patience.

Also, something that will affect many of us girls, has been shown to wake up half an hour before the morning is a great way to wake up your metabolism, so that in a few months we may see an interesting weight loss!

Waking up so well is synonymous with feeling good, or feel better.

But how is it done? Is there a recipe? What are the instructions to get out of bed in the best way?

Here are the 9 mistakes to avoid just awake for a day of wellness and smile.


1. Do not postponed the alarm

That famous bad morning habit: Press Snooze to delay the alarm for 5 or 10 minutes.

you are not the only ones to do it!

It is, however, widespread habit that is decidedly unhealthy.

Postpone the alarm, in fact, it is a perversion of our sleep cycle.

Once awake, in fact, we ended our regular cycle of nocturnal sleep.

Go back to sleep, then get up a few minutes later, it’s like starting a second cycle of sleep which may not take place regularly, why is abruptly interrupted by the second alarm.


You will feel more tired throughout the day.

How to overcome this bad habit?

Keep the alarm clock far away from you.

Thus necessarily having to get up to turn it off.

2. Do not shut the blinds

you just alarms also you feel like the vampire in front of the sunlight?

Also in this case it is time to change habits.

Do not tighten at all the blinds and draw the curtains.

Being awakened by the light of the sun can only make you well.

The sun’s rays, but also artificial light, indicate to your body it’s time to stop the production of melatonin, the hormone of sleep.

It is a real natural signal that pushes your body to go attentive and awake.

According to scholars to improve their sleep cycle it is preferable to let awaken by sunlight, rather than by the sound of the alarm

3. Do not use the smartphone as alarm clocks

According to a recent survey, 78% of adults use mobile phones before going to sleep.

It is a bad habit that can cause serious sleep disorders.

The light of smartphones is perceived by the body as a source of light that makes us awake and alert.

Habit equally incorrect is to use just wake up phone to control messages, email, or social updates.

The brain is loaded in a series of “unnatural” information at that stage of the day.

The advice is to turn on the phone only once out from cas to and to turn off one hour before going to bed.

4. Do not catapult out of bed

Easy to say, right?

Before going to work there are always so many things to do.

Wash, dress, makeup, eat breakfast, etc …

But run out of bed like a fox to sound the alarm, it can provoke temporary muscle damage that you feel pain all day.

Treat yourself to only a few moments to stirarvi and stretch the muscles, numb from sleep.

One quick stretching will help to protect body and mind from the stress you will face throughout the day.

5. Drink a glass of water

After about seven hours of sleep, your body needs hydration.

Drink a glass of water as soon as alarm clocks will help your body fight laziness and face the day with determination and energy.

Not necessarily you will be thirsty, but regarded water as a real cure for your well-being, to be taken regularly throughout the day, but also in the morning.

The benefits?

Your body will respond better to stimuli and the path to your workplace or university will be less tiring.

6. As soon as alarm clocks work out

Play sports and work out early in the morning involves undeniable benefits to our health.

The metabolism is accelerated, and stress equality, our body burns a lot more calories than during the rest of the day.

Not to mention that the morning sports has a real energizing power to our minds.

However running on the exercise bike just undergone alarm clocks, or crank it up with your abs before breakfast, is certainly not the best way to start the day.

Essential before an intense workout eat something that allows the body to handle an accelerated metabolism and physical exertion.

If you do not tolerate a hearty breakfast before playing sports, just a little energy meal, such as a banana or a handful of grain.

7. Allow yourself 10 minutes for you

Sleep 10 minutes less, in order to invest in a little personal pleasure .

Have breakfast at the bar, read your favorite newspaper, apply make-up relaxing.

According to statistics people who allow themselves more time before you leave home in the morning they are more optimistic and smiling.

You may also commit these 10 minutes to play a little housework, make the bed or wash the cups of the breakfast.

Think is a maniac of the order? But no!

However, to complete a task, gives us a feeling of “fullness” that our brain interprets as a “marked point.”

A good way to feel efficient already in the morning.

8. Do not skip breakfast

You will have heard 1,000 times, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

Is the fuel that allows you to be fit and energetic throughout the day.

If you think that breakfast represents an unnecessary calorie dall’apparto meal, you absolutely wrong.

Choose a breakfast to prepare quickly, it’s energizing and you enjoy it seriously.

If you do not tolerate dairy products, avoid them. Rather treat yourself to a good portion of fruit and whole grains.

9. Do not forget the proteins

We continue to talk about breakfast. Start your day with a dose of protein, useful for maintaining lean muscle mass.

20 grams of protein at breakfast are sufficient.

If the English breakfast there entices all, it does not matter.

Add to your breakfast a bit ‘of dried fruit , one greek yogurt, or cottage cheese sweetened with stevia.

This habit may be even more important for the ladies, because proteins help prevent the loss of mass muscle associated with aging.