Tim Cook: Apple Pay Has Gotten Strong Start

If you ask Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, Apple Pay got a perfectly excellent start on life.

On the technical part is Apple Pay run into a little bump on the road in his fledgling startup, but you look at some of the important numbers, then it is a different story. Apple Chief, Tim Cook, says in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the start has been good.

Cook tells, among other things, that more than one million credit cards were activated at Apple Pay during the first 3 days.

According to figures Cook had gotten from the company Visa, so Apple has also already gotten several cards attached to Pay their service than there are in all other contactless payment methods.

Apple Pay may now be used for about 220,000 stores around the United States, and although it right now only in Apple’s home country, Apple Pay can be used, so can other countries follow suit next year.