TIM Liberty

To make an international trip, you will probably need to use a phone to numerous calls and even the use of the mobile internet. This is true especially if you plan to rent a car and need to access GPS data for your travels. But whatever the reason, you need to think well what to do to have access to these services because it can end up spending more than you plan in this endeavor.

TIM Liberty

Was thinking about this kind of audience that TIM does the advertisement of their services Liberty abroad. Is a product aimed at international travelers. The values are attractive for the Brazilian. But I wonder if they’re worth so worth it outside?

Understanding the Rates of TIM Liberty

According to the different plans TIM Liberty, you will pay $ 1.99 per minute of call made or received, R$0,99 by torpedo sent, won’t pay anything for torpedo received and will have to fork out between R$9,90 to R$12,90 per MB of traffic data. Apparently, a good deal for the Brazilians, with cheap rates, prices well into account in international service, simply that the user can activate the service by the TIM (see its meanings on the Abbreviation Finder).

TIM Liberty 1

Precinho With Brazilian Way

Like I said, these prices are good for the Brazilians, who has little comparing with prices from outside or other types of plan. You’ll end up comparing the prices of TIM with values from other Brazilian carriers, which is logical. However, when you go abroad, you have to start thinking intelligently and not fall into the traps of the Brazilian operators.

We have one of the worst mobile phone services in the world. So much, that even 2 g connection of the United States is better than our 3 g connection. However, even with services that are among the worst in the world, pay a more expensive prices for the use of this bad network. Blame anyone, but that’s not going to give solutions or results. And outside, our prices are still nonsense. Then comes the cunning of those who will travel abroad or who’s going to stay for a little more out there.

TIM Liberty 2

Prices Abroad: Paying Fair for Quality Service

When you’re out there, you can choose to buy the services of local operators. Let’s just take the American example, for purposes of simplifying our article, and only one foreign carrier, not to massacre our carriers.

T-Mobile is a u.s. carrier with good quality and coverage across the country. If you are traveling there and won’t stay long, they have a service that calls Pay By Day (pay per day, in free translation). With this service, you pay $ 3 per day for unlimited calls, unlimited texts and unlimited internet with the first 200 MB at speeds up to 4 g. Great for email, Facebook, surf the net, Skype, GPS, download files, and more. If you do not want the internet 4 g, you can opt for a simpler package, $ 2 per day, with unlimited internet with speed 2 g (which is better than the brazilian 3 g).

TIM Liberty 3

Comparing the Prices of Services

Notice then the difference: $ 2 per day for unlimited everything against the pay per minute, or message MB used. And of course, you will use a lot of minutes, text and web browsing. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the website of T-Mobile. I even went into more choices of plans and carriers for you save money when you compare the best and cheapest services.

I’m Traveling Abroad Soon. What Should I Do about My Phone?

The first step is to remove the chip from his brazilian carrier and leave it stashed at home. Do not fall into the special plans for international roaming. Unless you need to receive calls on his original device, people can receive messages with your foreign number to reach you. Coming out there, so take one of those prepaid plans simple chips and pass to use it. Transfer the number to everyone who is important, and preferably, ask them to contact us via email or other messaging services.

TIM Liberty 4

Also be sure to compare the quality of services. Is a great way for you to go back to Brazil with best comparison patterns to cull your mobile phone provider and until I know complain about the quality of services.

I hope so I don’t have left questions for international travelers: don’t use Brazilian plans out there. Use local plans, who will meet your needs with prices more into account. Or otherwise, or use mobile: enjoy the ride, enjoy and if you turn off the connected world for a time at least.