Timberland Boots for Autumn

The chilly girls will be excited and will run definitely try them. I’m talking about Timberland boots of the autumn winter 2011 2012 the brand that this year offers the very warm and suitable models of the mountain.Moreover in recent years, even the most fashionistas of integrity, all always perfect heels and look, they began to realize that when cold it really is best to wear the proper shoes to milder temperatures. The most striking example is the great success of Ugg Boots, decidedly unfeminine but very comfortable. And also Internetsailors.com decided to tell her!

The Timberland boots that I show you now have a very long name that is used to describe the most of all the features of this line. The “Earthkeepers Mount Holly Tall Lace Duck Boot” are the perfect footwear for the mountains, lined with fur and shoking colors, which are also ideal for girls who suffer much from the cold and live in the city where, in winter, they can reach very low temperatures. the other model, however, is the ” Cristal Mountain Leather”, a perfect boot especially for snow! Besides being waterproof thanks to waterproof leather, this model has an insole SmartWool that maintains a constant temperature to stay warm your legs.

Despite not love very much these models of boots and have the good fortune to live in a city where winter is not particularly cold, I think that Timberland has really made ​​the center realizing the mountain boots tailored for women. In short, they are comfortable but in the lines and colors are also very feminine! What do you think of these new Timberland boots? You like them?