Timeless Fashion Pieces

No mention in anything other than the financial crisis here in Brazil and if the country is in crisis, why you can’t also be? Yes, the Pocket weighs and the costumes little by little becomes empty. Invest in trendy clothes can bring much success, but he is momentary.

The best option for those who want to be dressed up and always have appropriate clothing for different places is to invest in timeless fashion, i.e. those parts that never go out of fashion. A great synonym of elegance and that created pieces that never go out of fashion is Coco Chanel. She always was classic and their models, to this day, are a huge success. Everyone wants to have a Chanel in closed.

Joker pieces never go out of fashion

Some pieces never go out of fashion and when I say never, is never the same. Button white blouse, tailoring trousers, pencil skirt, black tube, send short shirt and races with varying colors, jeans, suit… you can create a multitude of looks just combining these pieces with each other.

See these tips on how to create cool looks with basic parts.

Buy some seasonal pieces

Seasonal pieces, as its name might give the idea relates to the station or the parts that are in style at the time. For example, dresses, shorts and skirts are great to leave at the time of the spring and summer, even in the months of autumn in some parts here in Brazil. For winter, a leather jacket and boots are two basic items in the closet.

Neutral colors and classic

What’s the point of having a whole colorful wardrobe if you cannot combine anything with anything? Remember: it is possible to combine neutral parts to each other, more colorful don’t. Therefore, be more neutral color parts than stamped. And yet, browse to view prints with a more sober tone, with the black background, for example.

The accessories should be classics

You like gold or silver or both? It’s always nice to have a little of each, so when you want to just use a chain or do a mix (without mixing colors) will be possible. See, which the more metallic tone matches the color of your skin. Has, at least, a pendant and a pair of earrings, those that you can put to go anywhere without looking like a Christmas tree.

When buying pieces with precious stones, start with that have neutral color stones or at least mimic how the stones of Rhinestones, Crystal, diamond, pearls among other classics. Once you have made your collection of basic items, you can start buying more colorful accessories.

The shoes follow the same line

You need to have at least 4 models of shoe, or better, 5, one of each pair: Sandals, sneaker, anabela, pumps and boots. With these 3 models in the wardrobe you can go almost anywhere I think. Since an informal setting like a pop out with friends to work. And the always neutral tones, like in the clothes. First, always invest in neutral colors.