Timeless Handbags

You need a new handbag? Get the one with everything easily by matching, long will it look like new, and moreover, never goes out of fashion. Anyway … we found for you 30 exactly like this one!

If there is a supplement that absolutely unosíte and you will never regret the money you spent for it, then it’s timeless handbag. How does it look like? “First of all, the universal tones of black, brown, beige, burgundy or white to color it seamlessly align with nearly his entire wardrobe. Furthermore, it is certainly sturdily, therefore, made of a material that can withstand really something, “says stylist Petra’s most important Šestáková.

Quality and quantity

If you are solving size handbags, know that certainly enjoy universal model to a smaller size, suitable for example for a date, party or outing, and then the second, considerably more spacious room type, ideal for everyday wear. Then select the color of – as mentioned at the beginning – preferably in one of those universal shades.

You want or need rather take home as little handbags? You might soothe a message that the rich make do with only two larger and two smaller bags in black and brown and beige. See more color options on HandbagPicks.

“Before, I had a closet full of handbags, but after some time I realized that there just wearing a pair that goes with everything. Because to me, however, make the company virtually every day, it must be really good. Indeed, I think that on handbags, women should not save, “says stylist Lenka Toman Šourková.

What do, what not

But what to do when on expensive designer handbags do not have a wallet just redundant pair (tens of) thousands …?”Even in vintage shops you can get some really nice pieces! I think it’s much better than you make counterfeits of expensive designer handbags. Is only one original, the copy will always know! Finally, I have advised women to avoid handbags with spectacular inscriptions expensive brands. It feels a bit cheesy… The handbag should speak to its quality, not brand, “adds Šourková.