Tips For a Flawless Makeup

It is a fact, take you the wedding day thousand photos, and it is that makeup in addition to see perfect in person look amazing in your photos, because the memory of the great day you will keep all your life. Here I leave my tips for you, whether you make-up or you makeup yourself, leave your best in pictures.

Tips For a Flawless Makeup

Point One: Start From Scratch

If you want to make the makeup look flawless, “do not paint over painted”. Start with a blank canvas, your skin well hydrated and preferably use a first, there are created especially for photography (as the Photo Finish Primer from Smashbox).

Point Two: Zero FPS

I know that all the time I recommend that you do not leave the House without sunscreen, but only by this time and it is a day I’ll it so important to forgive. The FPS is no friend of the flash reflecting it and if you want to avoid the effect “Gasparín” you must get rid of it. Take care that Foundation or moisturizer must not contain any type of Sun protection.

Point Three: Dust

This step is the most important. Dust in the makeup, in addition to seal it and make that you last much longer, eliminates shine. Nothing is not father that your face looks oily and to prevent this dust is your best ally. Take it with you to retouch during the event. Now, you must be careful with the amount, the excess powder on the face, it has the opposite effect, you can see you too shiny or doughy. (Or both that you burn the Holy…)

Point Four: White Eyeliner

This trick is great. With the white eyeliner in the water of the eye line, you manage to eliminate redness, white see more white, the look is alargarga and the eyes stand out much more. Don’t worry if you adore the black eyeliner, you can apply the two, only that white must be closer to the eye and black a bit more outward.

Point Five: Vivid Colors

Photos tend to washing the face, this allows you to use colors more intense or more, eye: only in the blush or the lipstick. Do not abuse, because you don’t want to look like a clown. Only use colour more to balance the face.

Point Six: Adequate Basis

It is very important that you seek a makeup base as close to your skin tone. Not only so you can see natural person and in the light of the day, if not because photos also evident when color is not adequate.

Point Seven: Few Glitters

Makeup with Glitters, glitter or effects very litmus is not the best for photos. You can use it, but with discretion. I know that it is fashionable the strobbing, but fatal photography. You do not want to be confused with a ball disk on your wedding day right?. Furthermore shines accentuate fine lines, you’re going to add years… Obviously nobody in their right mind wants that.

Point Eight: Well Defined Eyebrows

According to, the eyebrows are basic makeup, frame your eyes and make them look much better, help not your face is not visible all even. Don’t forget them, use an eyebrow pencil to define them.

Point Nine: Contouring Eye

This may sound weird, but it helps a lot. I’m not asking you do an exaggerated job Kim Kardashian type. What I mean with contouring in the eyes, it is the techniques you use to mark the basin with the eye shadows. Adds depth with darker tones and light in the high zones of the eyelids and tear. With this, you do that eyes are not flat, that highlight your eyes and make photos look spectacular.

What I recommend is that at the end of the makeup you play with your cell phone or camera and can make you a few selfies, that is the proof of the truth. If you like the result in person and in photo, these ready to enjoy your day with a perfect makeup.