Tips For Choosing The Right Shirt

I have noticed that many men have no idea how to choose a shirt and believe me “gives to notice”. More than key and indispensable pieces, the shirts in the men’s wardrobe can bring enough personality to the wearer.

The important thing about a shirt is that it looks good on your body as described in clothing selection. The clothes with the correct cut make you see with the most harmonious proportions, “more athletic”.  😉

The following tips, will help you choose your shirts better:

1) Neck: The ideal is to fit a finger between the neck of the shirt and yours.
2) Shoulders: The vertical seam of the shirt must be aligned with the end of your shoulder and the beginning of your arm. If it is not aligned it will seem like it is hanging you, limiting your movements or that you crumpled inside the shirt.
3) Waist: The buttons have to close quietly, without giving the impression that the shirt will explode. Take care not to over much fabric on the sides.
4) Sleeve:  Should be slightly wider at the elbow than at the cuff and a little “leftover” of fabric when you place the arm straight so that you can fold it comfortably. Just care that not over, are not sleeves to dance mambo.
5) Fists:  Neither fists that cut the circulation, nor loose fists. There should be enough space between the cuff of the shirt and the pulse of your hand so you can wear a watch comfortably.
6) Width: Make sure it has the same length on all sides and covers your belt, so you can tighten it without problem.

After following these tips it will be easier to choose shirts that will “do you the favor” in any style and in any color. And speaking of styles, look at the ones that separate and that you can buy in Wish by paying with EBANX :

Plain Shirt.

They serve as pieces of the diary, but they can be the focus of attention for a more formal set. Sleeves are bent or buttoned to the cuff. Always have one available.

Plaid Shirt.

Depending on the material they are made of, they look good in relaxed, casual or sometimes more formal environments.

 Shirt Jeans.

It fits any season of the year, you can wear it alone or with a nice undershirt. How about experimenting with khaki pants!

 Shirt With Print.

More and more men dare to wear a printed shirt. They radiate confidence and security, as well as being at the last shout of fashion. If you are not convinced to leave using a striking print, try simple prints first to get accustomed to this look.

Important:  When shopping online, it is important that you compare your dimensions with the size and size tables that sellers publish about the products. Also read the comments of those who already bought, reading the opinions of others you can get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the product.

Whatever style you like best, remember that the soul of a shirt is “posture”. The personality of each one is totally tied to the posture, so do not bend and take the chest boy! It is not an exercise in physical therapy and attitude. 😉