Tips for Fashion Trends

This week’s column come inspired by the work of one of the few bloggers we love, the New Yorker Leandra Medine, atiradíssimo Man Repeller, which, as the title suggests, usually present – and dress, obviously – trends that cause certain estrangement in the male ward. Yes. Today, parecidinho with Leandra, let’s talk about those parts that a lot of love fashionista, that most women have some resistance to wear and that all men (okay, get three or four on that list, ok?) thinks hideous and not sexy, that is, the real insect repellents. We chose three strong trends of next summer that will wring some noses, but we will try to ease any fear with some tips on how to better use. Come on?


Flare pants short and with high waist, the cropped flare

Help! When we see the first time such a model, the common sense led lit right away in our minds: If the rack is already causing aversion, imagine the versions that we see on the streets?! Afraid of them. With long complicated, to use a polite term, these pants, unlike your cousin of long version, tends to flatten the silhouette. Testing, we found that she is not a witch as bad as it seems and that the greatest difficulty in time of use is appropriate, a shoe that elect not to compress the body. Although the fashionistas in teimem wear it with boots, if you want to adopt this, even better is to combine her open sandals or pumps well low-cut. Also use with shorter tops, leaving the waistband of the pants pretty much in evidence, which will also lend a hand in the balance of the silhouette.

Ugly shoes, the shoes “ugly”

Let’s be sincere? It seems that the designers of shoes more moderninhos decided to limit the femininity in the walk, as a revenge to the snaking, thanks to heavy layout, to tratorados, bouncing rubber soles, to blocks of wood, the masculinizados models that have editorial and illustrated look-books of the most stylish world. The so-called shoes are a trend that has been outlined for a few seasons and that promises to be more and more powerful. What to do? If you enjoy-Yes, you have to slide over to adopt anything in life –, combine them with lighter parts, well and most sensual appeal, as they are excellent counterpoint, as a valuable link between the romantic and the androgynous. You bet!


Okay. You will say that this piece is no big news, and that’s not so strange. Right to two issues, but let’s get down to brass tacks: she appears as a tendenciona and can result in a visual face, leaving thin the line between new and outdated. That is, older visual time when accompanied wrong. Here’s our suggestion: If you want to use the beautiful frilly-loop without seeming to Margaret Thatcher (remember her? UI!) combine it with more deprived parts. Bet on jeans (perfect), in shorts, in evasê Court gowns, jogging pants, skirts casual fabrics, such as sweatpants. Combine with tailoring, invest in textures and prints differentiated update look like fun or very colorful patterns.