Tips on Wearing a Belt According to Your Body Shape

The belt is a separate fashion accessory. But it is still necessary to know the choose and wear when it is round to be stylish!

Indeed, it is very easy to sink into the fashion faux pas if we do not adapt to the proper belt morphology. So what belt for what morpho adopt in spring 2016? The answer right away.

All Women, All Different!

We often see tutorials to measure her waist all the same … It is a serious mistake!

Few are aware, however, according to each morphology, size is not the same height on all figures.

Indeed, such a morpho in A will be very tall then contrario a silhouette in H will be a hipster.

A Morpho

As mentioned earlier in our example, the silhouette A has a very tall, almost placed under the chest.

In order to have a good record, prefer to opt for a thin belt under the chest. If you have the stomach, do not over tighten to avoid the effect pregnancy!

Morpho 8

The silhouettes 8 have a marked size that must at all costs showcase! Feel free to wear a wide belt obi style that will highlight your hourglass figure.

Remember that you are all belts, thin or wide you’re spoiled for choice.

Morpho H

The specificity of the morphology of H is its lack of size! And it is a mistake to think that you encircle the waist will do the job!

Ideally, choose to wear the belt on the hips. The metal models, which can be worn with jeans or classic wide braided belts are perfect for this style according to PhilosophyNearby.

Morpho V

With morphology V, you can opt for carefree belt height size “classic”.

Passed directly in your pants or skirt or a tunic to structure.

Morpho O

If you have the typical protruding belly of the figure O, it is best to avoid wearing the belt.

But as we do not like banned in our site, if you still want to wear, opt for a flexible tie belt or buckle which will be placed on the side or even the belts integrated fabric in clothing to not to draw attention to your tummy!

With our advice, you will ask what you most what morpho belt to wear. Now you know …