Tips on Wearing Cufflinks

With summer and sunny days weddings are usually the part, the opportunity for some to wear a strange accessory that they are not used: cufflinks.

It is indeed unfortunate, but the majority of the representatives of the male species is taking advantage of this moment of celebration to adorn themselves with this jewelry. Not to bring a more stylistic but held true more “because it is done at a wedding. lists two reasons for this:

  1. When we dress between Celio and Zara there is not really the opportunity to have a shirt with French cuffs
  2. The side formal scares

A wrist musketeer is a wrist on reverse. We found mainly on men’s shirts. It is usually quite stiff (like the collar of shirt) and closes with a cuff button which is introduced in the stitched buttonholes for this purpose

Fashion surfed on a wave ‘vintage’ which allows us to reconnect with the more traditional dress codes without necessarily going for an eccentric. Take for example the hat: after a period where it was inconceivable to go out into the street bareheaded it has become completely outdated, and now, he redid his appearances by small keys. On the same principle it is an opportunity for make you to you happy and you stand out by adding cufflinks to your style.

In a formal outfit

If the dress code of your company is the costume you will have no difficulty to add this accessory. If it’s rather jean-shirt however avoid: put on a suit already will set apart you from your colleagues, add cuff links take you too far…

I take this opportunity for a small digression: humans to tend to come together and feel comfortable with those who are like him, in postures, the pace of life, voice, but also in the style of dress. For your well being in society don’t stand too much your colleagues on this point… But we will come back another day longer…

Cuff button is made to highlight one of the skinny parts visible to your shirt when wear you a suit, let’s not forget that the sleeve of the shirt should always exceed 1 to 2 cm of the jacket, they are therefore not without this last tradition. And I like to respect this point: the musketeer wrist has a large volume and slightly breaks the silhouette. A choice when we know that we’ll keep his jacket a good part of the day.

In a casual outfit

If you do not work in an environment suitable for this exercise you always the possibility to use them only in object mode. By opting for a model in red cloth of the same color as your chino example. All on a shirt with a blazer and marine blue moccasins sky blue.

This is your attention to detail which will then be put forward. The man has few accessories available, it is a pity to deprive yourself of one of the most accessible