Tips To Dress Up A Casual Look

The casual look is one of the looks most commonly used nowadays because it is a style informal type but with a touch of elegance.
People who we chose to dress casual is because we want to combine simplicity with comfort without fail to see us well. 
Here are tips to dress up a casual look perfect and match clothes properly as described in allcitycodes.

1- essential is that in your wardrobe is missing a typical jean, since this garment characterized this casual look. If you’re gordita jeans that you favor are the straight, never use model campaign which are neither very stuck by that point your extra pounds of more.

  1. clothes of blue, gray, Brown, beige and black never should miss in the closet of achubbyalready that dark garments stylize the body and can’t see the inperfecciones. However it does not mean that you can not combine with other colorful apparel.

3 uses simple blouses which do not have too many fixtures or details, you can also use a black pole.

  1. If combina your blouse with a jean jacket or a stylish jacket will make you look like agordita fashion.
  1. another Council to dress casual look is know to choose your shoes because if you use the wrong you could ruin your look. For this type of look you opt to use a pair of shoes with small taco but always with taco, you must not use flat shoes because it gives us the appearance of being more overweight and that certainly does not favor a chubby, or you can also use or converse sneakers.
  2. on the question of accessories you can use a necklace, a belt, a pashmina, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or something you want depending on your taste, but keep in mind that if you are going to use a collar should be discreet, to highlight and to not pass bonito to exaggerated for example: a striking gold necklace.If you put a blouse or t-shirt in black or white colors you can get a pashmina to highlight but without exaggeration.If your watch is very striking your earrings should be discreet or otherwise.
  1. your makeup is very important since it should help you look good and it should go according to your look.For a casual look you use a makeup fresh and discreet, forget the strong colors in the eyes, on the lips and take a makeup recharged with strident colors. Best allies are your base, your concealer and your powder so that you feel a clean face and prefect addition to highlight your eyes only should apply a coat of mascara and that’s it.
    Remember that you should never copy someone’s style can use it as a reference but always must be yourself and give a touch of your personality.