Top 10 Mobile Phones in October

These phones are the most searched on our site in the month of October.

Our site search service our site provides an overview of the best prices, but also over what phones that are most sought after in the previous month.

The list is based on the number of searches on our site, why can there occur specimens on the list which are not included in the deal yet, but where the presale has started.

As in the month of September is Apple the big winner, however, this time with a crushing lead for iPhone 6, which accounts for a third of searches. However, a simple space iPhone 5s reminder down to third place, while the iPhone 6 Plus 5 percentage points, moving up to fourth place.

Sony Z3 Compact is the other big winner in October. 13.8% of all searches means a gain of 66% compared to September, the largest among this month’s mobiles. The bigger Sony, Xperia Z3, the reminder is also a simple space up in the standings.

This month’s big loser is Samsung’s S5, which loses nearly 6 percentage points, Samsung’s S5 mini and Galaxy Alpha is, however, both a simple percentage points up.

Month of October also means a farewell to Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and HTC One (M8), mobiles that both have been in the top 10 ‘ a since its launch. Instead reminder LG G3 and Nexus 5 both back in hitparadens heat.