Top 10 Ties

Discover 10 ways to tie and wear your tie.

Any gentleman who respects himself must learn to tie a tie. Single, double, small, Windsor, Half Windsor, crossed, Onassis… there are several types of nodes for each occasion (work, output or ceremony) and each morphology (small, medium or large). This selection offers you to find the necktie that fits your desires. It is also necessary to know also match the tie with the outfit. Learn while following the advice of experts.Good viewing!

1.The choice of tie

The tie is the ultimate accessory of the male wardrobe. Question tie model, men are spoiled for choice: slim, wide, club, average Scottish. This fashion accessory comes in all colors to perfectly compliment every outfit. However, all the ties do not correspond to any outfit. Similarly, all ties are not necessarily suitable for all men.So to choose one that will fit you perfectly, follow the video!

2.The simple knot

Great classic of tie knots, even the simple knot is the best known and most used. This type of tie with tie clips is particularly suitable for beginners and adapts to all occasions. The single node agrees with all tie patterns.It adapts perfectly to all types of shirt collars. To successfully do this simple node, follow the video!

3.The double knot

You control the fingertips of the simple tie knot? Want to build otherwise this fashion accessory? Learn now the double knot.Almost identical to the single node, it is characterized by a double rotation of the large pan on the small. Because of its substantial thickness, the double knot is not suitable for thick ties too. To successfully build your tie with this type of node, look good video!

4.The Windsor knot

On each occasion his tie. Special occasions have their iconic knot: the Windsor. How then tie a tie like that? In this video, a specialist in men’s fashion reveals the technique to make a Windsor knot. This very English node agrees particularly with outstretched necks, the Italian collars or those with the same name. Its implementation is more or less complex. Demo video!

5.The half-Windsor knot

Given the complexity of implementing the Windsor knot, the half-Windsor was invented. This tie knot is indeed easier to do in addition to being thin. Also, a fashion expert shows you the technique to tie a tie in the semi-Windsor. Combining elegance and simplicity, this node to big occasions. For a perfect finish, especially choose fine or thin tie. Regarding the shirt collar, classic and opened it a perfect match. Look!

6.The cross knot

The Windsor knot is complex, the crossover node is more. This way to forge the tie requires an address. Although difficult, the crossover node you out on special occasions. Few men dare adopt this node that is realized in several minutes to pass. His rendering is better if you do it on a thin tie and striped. To make a cross knot, watch the video!

7.The Onassis knot

The Onassis node is one of many ways to tie a tie. Its beauty and simplicity of the approach simple knot. Invented by the famous Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, the node preserves your tie folds. Some use a Onassis clip or safety pin to succeed this beautiful knot. But with practice, you can very well do without. More explanations on video!

8.The small knot

You switch node as you change your tie? Do you know the small knot, also called oriental knot? You never tied your tie so? A fashion expert in this video illustrates the technique to make a small knot.Suitable for tight collar shirts, this node is characterized by a single twist of the great pan before rolling over small. Demo video!

9.The bow tie

The bow tie is the emblem of the great ceremonies. For a wedding like a gala, this node is worn on a tuxedo shirt and wing collar. While respecting dandy knows so well and proudly with a casual outfit. If you also want to adopt a specialist reveals the technique to tie a bow tie. Watch the video!

10.Match his tie

At each tie. Indeed, this fashion accessory must be perfectly matched to your shirt. This suggests that all ties cannot agree with any outfit. Also, a fashion expert gives his advice to match your tie to your shirt. The main lack of fashion to avoid is the port to a club on a shirt striped tie. This accessory to be in perfect harmony with the rest of your outfit, follow the tips in video!