Top 5 Trends for Winter 2016

Who keeps asking “Ok, it’s been the SPFW, but until now I don’t know what’s going to be winter trend!”? Yes my loves, I believe most of you, because I was a bit like that. Unfortunately, with the rush didn’t have time to do my studies on trends and I ended up getting a little on the outside, I admit … But, how I love you and I do, yesterday I stayed all afternoon searching the top trends winter 2016 to tell you! Let’s start?

There are many seasons that the metallic luster’s appearing with everything on the catwalks, and who doesn’t? Winter is a cold season that motivates us to use dark colors, so the brightness at a time makes all the difference huh? I confess that I love!

If you have that belt kept and sometimes you don’t know how to use? The business is now scoring well the waist to be like hourglass. I think very cherishes his wife’s body, and it doesn’t matter if you’re more fatty, will help refine your waistline. Bet on!

Who doesn’t like to go back to the past? So get ready we’re going to get back to the 70s. The geometric print comes with everything, apart from the high-waisted flares pants and dresses cut straight. Liked it?

Cold is what we’re not going to pass this season. The turtle necks appear on shirts, dresses, cropped top and to enhance the look you just put a necklace baph?

The crack appeared in almost all brands and comes with everything in the 2016 winter. Want to be sexy and chic? The game is played in the slot that you will pan out.

Of course the coat, darling of the station wouldn’t be out right? He comes over very modern and the covers also appear, in addition to being super cool, let us warm!

Note that almost all trends come mixed, together in a look! This is the coolest and now you have no excuse saying I don’t know what will come next season.

Now I’m going to give you a summary of what fabrics that appear more: lace, jacquard, neoprene, leather, skins and fur, as well as mix and patchworks of materials. Between the colors we have roses, kamels, off-whites, Brown and the colour of the season marsala. Between the prints: flowers, ethnic and sports references, as numbers and prints of writings. The embroidery and textures promise to be the hit of the season and fringes remain.