Toys for 4-6 Years Old

The main feature of the gameplay of this age group is the emergence of the first preferences of children according to your taste. If up to three years were the parents decide which toys to buy, now the children begin to lay the first specific requests. Another step forward compared to the previous age group from 0 to 3 years is starting to differentiate much between them the toys for little boys and girls.

Toys for 4-6 Years Old

Products for children under 36 months are basically the same for both genders and vary only in color and decoration. Starting from 4 years instead, in addition to unisex toys make their appearance the categories “male” and “female”.

Male and female games games

Most children can’t tell the difference by gender of the toy. Are parents or siblings to inculcate a belief that cars are toys from male and female dolls. Don’t worry if your child loves playing with Barbies and daughter with trains, no study has ever demonstrated the need to prevent children from choosing a product designed for the opposite sex.

The educators suggest that to meet the needs of children: If a boy asks to receive as a gift a doll is always better please him instead of showing up with a workshop in miniature.

Prohibit a certain game would cause the opposite effect, namely that the child will want to have it in an even greater according to Behealthybytomorrow.

Toys for 3 and 4 years

Usually this age coincides with the beginning of school life of the child. From the three years it is possible to enroll in kindergarten. In this new environment, children will find lots of games and accessories suited to their capabilities, which will be a sort of guide for parents at home.

For children aged 3 to 4 years of age should not have white sheets and colors to paint (preferably non-toxic washable). The best method to merge the game to the development of their capabilities is to use plasticine, often in the form of salt dough (homemade is economic and safe). Even the finger painting is a great game play, but never leave children unattended or the walls and floors will be filled with murals and more or less artistic decorations.

One of the best selling toys for this age group are soap bubbles, economical but effective. It is often the amount of liquid that falls on clothes and on the ground of what remains in the can, but learn how to blow bubbles is a big milestone for a child of 4 years.

Toys from 4 to 5 years

After the first year of nursery school children start getting comfortable with numbers and letters. It is therefore high time of the first educational toys: the timeless blackboards with magnetic letters. Do not overdo it! Often some educational electronic toys (the mini pc for example) contain the words “from 4 years” but are too complicated for children who have never had to deal with writing and reading.

Not only studio though, at this age the kids are the toy most popular simulation games: cooking, fruit and Veggie stand, crate, the cottage etc. The girls also love the sets for child-welfare of their dolls: changing table, baby strollers, baby set etc. Boys are more for motion games like COP and robber, Cowboys and Indians, etc.

Toys from 5 to 6 years

At this age children can start to play with all products involving the use of small parts. Are now old enough to understand that it is important to follow the instructions and rules, such as not putting the game pieces in the mouth.

Building-sized bricks are a great gift idea for children from 5 to 6 years because they allow you to create different sets and settings with ease. According to recent research, the most beloved toy by children of this age is the game of doctor/vet. The ability to take care of a doll or stuffed toy helps children to feel that they are the largest and most important. Now seem to be missing from the ranks of the most popular with boys toy soldiers, undermined by various puppets “fashionable”.

Toys for everyone

There are many toys that can be used safely for the whole age range from 4 to 6 years: dolls of all kinds and function, remote-controlled toy cars or friction, play sets for dolls (the House, the camper, etc.) and play-play sets (Castle, police station etc.).

Board games are aimed even younger children, through simple instructions and clear and entertaining game modes. The puzzles are not yet for everyone, it’s not so much a matter of age but of abilities of the individual child. The books are very useful to start to accustom children to reading, compared to previous texts figures decrease and increase the written parts. Music and songs always accompany children who, from 4 to 6 years old can begin to familiarize yourself with the first musical instruments: drums, guitars, player pianos and microphones.

4-6 years: sports equipment

Are not technically classified as toys but sports equipment are in great demand by children aged 4 to 6 years. In this case the products must not return to the indication of age and it is the responsibility of parents tell if their child is ready or not for this or that tool. Roller skates, skateboard, jump rope and skateboarding can be dangerous and should be used only when the child has attained the ability to use them safely.

Bikes deserve then an entire chapter. Up to six years are usually recommended wheels but often, especially the boys, they were able to ride a bike without even earlier. Bike measures must conform to the size of your child, and you should not circulate on the streets but remain within the parks and trails. Helmets are required at all times, even in their backyard, while the knee pads and Headbands are optional for elbows.