Toys for 7-12 Year Olds

The age group ranging from 7 to 12 years is very wide. Although most products shows this term of reference, often a toy for a child of 7 years will never be used by one of 12 and vice versa. Now the eye of the parent is quite skilled, after six years of practice, in recognizing what the most appropriate games for their children. But not always the same can be said of grandparents, uncles or friends, which often rely on product labels to shop.

Toys for 7 years

Almost all children have started elementary school. This involves on the one hand less time to devote to the game and the beginning of fashions. If up to now the kids chose toys according to their tastes, by now more and more often they will do based on what they like to their friends. From 6 to 7 years almost all children continue to play with the games in their possession, but inventing new ways of playing and changing the perspective on things. There is no need to purchase new products for this age. Almost all males however are obsessed with playing cards: the exchange between them, they collect and spend hours and hours playing with friends.

Toys for 8 years

The best selling toy for children from 7 to 8 years are buildings. Dexterity allows them to finally play with smaller blocks and play sets more complex and articulated. Police stations, airports and fire stations for boys and restaurants, villas and veterinary clinics for girls. At this age enjoy all that makes up a set in which set fabulous adventures for the characters. The choice between different brands depending on current fashion and changes rather quickly.

Toys for 9 years

Although most children use them for some years, the ideal age to start playing with the video game console is one of the 8 and 9 years. On the market there is plenty of choice in terms of brands, models and prices. The most popular seem to be those laptops that children can use everywhere, but also fixed consoles are meeting with some success. While boys begin to abandon play sets, females continue to consider them their favorite toy.

10, 11 and 12 year old toys

Thanks to the information and skills acquired in school, children begin to take an interest in science and technology. There are many sets for scientific experiments on the market at prices, all in all, quite content: the greenhouse, the garden, the archaeologist, dinosaurs etc. One of the most loved by the boys of years are the set of magic that teach some little trick to show off in front of friends and family. The girls are very attracted creative set, sellers are the ones to create jewelry, tattoos and pins.

Since 11 years girls begin to lose interest in toys in favor of technology. Electronic journals more or less secret, tablet and early netbooks are best selling products in this age group. Hold still instead very fine buildings, puzzles and board games (preferably interactive). It’s time for the more studious of microscopes and telescopes, which allow you to explore the world around them.

Toys for everyone from 7 to 12 years

The autonomy that most children from 7 to 12 years can reach, enables parents to provide their electronic equipment safely. The first stereo with cd player, the first mp3 player and portable dvd are just some of the products that children can use on their own in this age group. With the start of primary school, the children will tend to lose the desire to read. However, it is important not to always be at home some books that could stimulate their curiosity. For bad weather afternoons or evenings with family, social games are ideal. Most games can be used for a 99 years old from 7 to and may therefore involve everyone. One of the best-selling games in 7-12 years are all those products that allow you to cook candies, chocolates and small pastries. Like both males and females, but you still need constant supervision by an adult when the machine is running.

Educational toys

Children aged 6 to 12 years tend to leave out the study for the game. For this there are dozens of educational toys, suitable for all ages, to learn while having fun. An example are the toys with the magnetic pen and study cards with which you can answer questions about the history, geography, Italian and even English and other foreign languages. Even some Board games have an educational value, such as the scarab to learn grammar, trivial to test their knowledge and monopoly junior to start getting comfortable with the money.

The bicycle

As we saw earlier, the Italian law the bicycle is not considered a toy. For the kids instead, before being a means of transport is above all a beautiful game. During the 10 years from 6 to almost all children are able to eliminate the small wheels. It is important not to force them to remove them, your child should feel safe and able to learn to ride without small wheels. Phrases like “all your friends have taken off” and “when I was your age I would go without small wheels for years” do nothing but stifling the child and slow down further. Although it is annoying and ugly, a helmet is compulsory for all children up to 12 years.

How to pick a gift for a child of 7 to 12 years

And parental exception, which as we have seen should be able to choose without help, in principle to make a gift to a child from 7 to 12 years it is always better to rely on experienced hands. It only takes a few simple rules to avoid mistakes according to WholeVehicles:

  • First, it is important to follow the directions of the same child or parents, to avoid choosing a product not to his taste.
  • At the time of purchase, take some advice from the shop assistant, who definitely knows the tastes of children and fashions of the moment.
  • Before buying check the make and model of your child and check that the game console owned do not have content too violent.
  • Always keep your receipt, this will allow you to change the product in case of double or wrong gift.