Track Your Blinds with Your Phone

A Danish company rethinks the traditional Venetian blinds, so now you can control and program them directly from your phone

When George Castner in 1888 patented on “Venitian blinds” also known as Venetian blinds, næppet, he had imagined that there were approximately 130 years before that there was a further development of his patent.

It has the Danish company Art Andersen, however, done something by now, by developing it, which they have named Copenhagen Blinds.

Traditional Venetian blinds have some known disadvantages. Due to carry the cord in the middle of the embossed pattern can not stand vertical slats, and therefore there will be light in, even when they are closed. The holes in the Center closes the sunlight into. At the same time, the blinds a nightmare to clean.

Copenhagen Blind have no wear a leash. All the weight is carried by the ladder cords and therefore has some crucial advantages: Copenhagen Blinds
-Slats can stand almost vertically, and can therefore be closed as the embossed pattern largely obscuring a room.
-Slats have no holes in the Middle, so you won’t have to sunlight coming through.
-Finally, the slats can be taken out, one at a time and be clean.

But here stops the innovation of the traditional Venetian blind not. Copenhagen blinds are equipped with an engine and contains a rechargeable battery. On the way you can with the corresponding app, manage your blinds via your smartphone, whether you are at home, or on the other side of the world. In this way, it can also serve as a way to fool potential burglars, to believe that there are some at home.

With the app, you can control the blinds, whether they should run up and down, as well as adjust on the slats.

At the same time you can also put a timer to open or close the blinds automatically.

And then you can define your favorite positions, so you need to URf.eks. watch movies where you want a completely blackout, you can set this in advance, and with a single touch, you’ll be ready.

With Copenhagen Blinds you can also get a light sensor, which automatically measures the brightness, so when the Sun gets too strong, bakes too much and the temperature rises. So they automatically closes a little or much, so there still come light in, but your living room will be not too hot and you will not be blinded.

The battery is rechargeable, so you won’t have to mount blinds with a cord in Windows. The battery lasts 6-9 months, and you will automatically get a message on your smartphone in good time before the battery must be recharged.

You can also buy a knob that you can hang on the wall, and then manage the blinds, without using your phone.

Blinds come in 3 different colors, and you can order them, in the sizes you need, with rates starting from $ 3,995.

App to control the blinds are free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.