Travel Accessories Shop

Do you like to travel? You like to make holiday or need to travel a lot for business? Travel requires not only a suitable piece of luggage, but often some other things like garment cover or cosmetic bags. The classic accessories for suitcases and travel bags range from suitcase scales, cosmetic bags, chest bags to sleep masks and shoe bags. All can be found here for your needs. Get organized in your suitcase with cosmetic bags. Store your shoes in shoe bags. Store money and credit cards in chest bags. Promote your relaxation on the trip with an inflatable neck pillow. You will find these and many other travel accessories here.

Travel Accessories Shop


The right accessories for your trip

You have everything for your journey together? Travel accessories make a perfect holiday. In addition to suitcases and travel bags, other products make your life easier. You are still looking for other accessories to match your suitcase? Choose the suitable equipment from the wide range. For any kind of traveler, accessories can be found at Never be afraid of excess baggage. With the handy, all-purpose luggage scale, you have the weight of your suitcase at a glance. It serves not only the purpose to weigh luggage before departure, you can also easily weigh bags and many other items. You will find matching cosmetic bags for your suitcase. And for your personal well-being while traveling sleep masks and ear plugs are used in various versions.


Accessories for children

Also for children, you will find travel accessories here. Besides funny chest bags, there are also waterproof playing cards or sleep masks. And for compliance with the security provisions at German airports you will find appropriate cosmetic bottles with air bags. Who is looking for accessories, will quickly find it here. Complete your travel equipment with the various offers.