Trendy Petite Women’s Clothing Sale

Hems of trousers always to do or forced risvoltini, to shorten sleeves and clothes to tighten: these and many others are the low women’s issues and the petite physicality. Luckily they get the petite clothing lines, with their proportionate models to enhance the physical and make you the fairs petite women!
You are tiny and often ended up buying the baby section in the shops because there is not a suitable choice to you? Do not worry, brands are realizing even those who are lower in stature and has a more petite physicality , offering lines “petite” adapted to your measures, but above all with style and in step with fashion.

In Italy the offer is still very poor: the big chain fast-fashion and not only, are proposing curvy lines, but for petite there is still very little. Fortunately, with online shopping many problems can be solved and returns, often free, you will not even have the anxiety of being wrong size. Here are 8 lines of clothing petite perfect for you!

1. Little Alone

You could not begin to Asos, one of the best-known e-commerce site, which distributes in 190 countries and external lines (many exclusive) that its production lines, with a young style and always in step with the trend. Their offer petite includes all clothing, from coats to denim, up to clothing (sometimes long, sometimes so difficult for those who have no legs Charlize Theron!), Suits and pants… To which for the first time will not have to hemming! It is specified that the petite is a line for women under to 1.60m and there is a choice as well for formal wear, always very hard to find.

2. Topshop Petite

You will be very happy to know that even Topshop, the famous English chain, has a petite clothing line. Topshop style is very recognizable, original and fashionable: it will be very likely that you will eventually find in your “mini” size a jacket like the one that was on him Alexa Chung (yes, she and her outfits always perfect!), The when you fell in love, but that you have found no trace in stores. You just have to be careful to the prices in pounds and convert good English sizes, but otherwise the site is easy to navigate and if you’re planning a trip to London in the near future, we recommend you take a look at the offer online: you will be hooked from the computer for hours, guaranteed!

3. Zalando

Zalando is becoming increasingly popular in Italy and for good reason. In the channel dedicated to the “petite women” the choice is really wide and also includes the aforementioned topshop, as well as the British Wallis, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Coast and many others. In short, a platform on which to choose multiple brands, but in small sizes: paradise not? Selecting Zalando it is always done with style mind, to which no woman wants and needs to give up.

4. Banana Republic

Know that Banana Republic has a section petite rejoice many women, love the casual yet distinguished the brand, perfect for a meeting in the office but also for a Sunday out at the park or a party. If you do not live in Milan and then you do not have the opportunity to go to the only store in Italy, there is the great international website to come to safety. The proposed dresses are perfectly proportioned for women to below 1.63, and for example we can find the boyfriend cut pants with risvoltino… Made for a matter of style and not need!

5. Gap

Gap is part of the same group of Banana Republic, but it is definitely  perfect for clothing from head to toe in relaxing days: soft fabrics, lightweight, jeans and sweatshirts of different colors. The American brand serves its customers with pleasure “otherwise high” with a line petite clothing that prioritize the perfect fit and style.

6. Anthropology – the Small Shop

Although it is little known in Italy, it is good that you learn this name to memory: Anthropologie. This American brand has been one of the pioneers of petite lines, starting in 2012 with about 70 proposals, until you get to about 500 styles offered today for the lowest women. The dresses necklines proportionate, more narrow sleeves and short and high knees in his pants, to name a few: small steps but make a difference for women who for years have had to make over-sized look and mandatory repairs.

7. Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has recently launched its line in the petite Lauren collection, which unfortunately is not yet available in Europe (as it is the line for plus sizes) but is well worth a look. The brand symbol of American middle-class families, the pole with the horse player logo, has a wide petite proposal from size 2 to 14 (proportionate sizes, and smaller than normal and modeled on high physicists around 1.60), which includes many dresses and skirts, trousers and shirts with elegant, timeless fit.

8. J.Crew

The original brand of New York, J.Crew, has a really interesting petite section, with all their classic colored proposal, innovative fabrics and trendy patterns but in women’s sizes more minute. Shorter sleeves and hems, torsos more screwed and narrower shoulders, if you have never heard of this brand, it’s time to discover this world full of vitamin and originality mix.Unfortunately for the moment J.Crew has not yet landed in the beautiful country, but with deliveries from 2 to 16 days (depending on the carrier you choose), you will not be too long to wait if you’re in love with something just perfect for your physical petite!