Twitpic Announces That It Will be Discontinued, Then Give up the Idea and Now Decided It Will End Even

The Twitpic, image sharing service that was popular a few years ago but was forgotten over time, will soon cease to exist. Same.

On September 4, the founder Noah Everett announced that Twitpic would be discontinued after a pressure of Twitter. The social network had contacted the service asking the Twitpic divest itself of its brand at risk of losing access to the Twitter API. No money to defend such a large company, Twitpic decided that the best decision would be to close down.

On September 18, Everett turned to the media to say that Twitpic would not be discontinued. The image service had been purchased by a company, which until now has not been revealed. With the good news, Twitpic could breathe for a while. Originally, he shut the doors on 25 September.

But apparently Twitpic celebrated ahead of time, and now announced that negotiations with “a handful of potential buyers” did not work. “We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic (hence our previous tweet), but do not come to terms that would please both parties,” the statement said.

So Twitpic should definitely close the doors next Saturday, October 25. To back up all your photos (if you have not already), enter the Twitpic, visit this page and click the “Request Your Data” button to download your 5,000 most recent images.