Twitter Activity Active Tab, Which Shows What Do the People You Follow

Unsurprisingly the Twitter is always integrating functionality on the site itself, since this is the primary means of access used by its members. Earlier this week one of these novelties began to be enabled for users: a tab called Activity (in Portuguese version, became Activities) already being tested for some time. Now she arrived without warning by Twitter, with some improvements since the test.

The functionality of this new tab is very simple and can be reduced in one sentence: it makes all Twitter users in professional stalkers. The tab Activity displays, in real time, various activities of the people you follow, including which tweets were favoritados, which other users they followed and what were retweetados. Other than Twitter exhibited in August, there is no longer a very large accumulation of users followed this tab, which is good to prevent visual pollution.

In addition, the tab mentions (or mentions, in Portuguese) was also modified. Now she has to have the user logged in username and shows the activities related to its user, such as retweets, favorites and mentions. For those who do not want to see it all there is an option to see only the entries, which is disabled by default and is also a novelty that had not been implemented in the initial tests. And it also displayed in real time without the need to click on a blue rod from time to time.

With the update, only the main timeline (which was translated into history in Portuguese) is the one that does not have tweets displayed in real time. Applications Twitter as Tweetdeck and Echofon already have this functionality a few months ago.

The tab is being activated gradually to all users of the social network. If you have not, just wait for it to appear.