Twitter for Windows 8 Available for Download

Logo promised in the operating system launch, Twitter finally released its app for Windows 8. The program is compatible with computers and tablets (including those with Windows RT). The application follows the customer standards currently found in mobile devices to bring the tabs Connect and Discover, and is built with the Metro interface.

It is very comfortable to use Twitter in Windows 8. Occupying an entire screen, the interface is nice and the elements are quite large, which makes total sense to use one tablet However, if you do not want to waste your entire screen with a social network, just move the application to a corner of the screen, since it fits the edge and you can work normally with other applications while reading what your friends post.

Is it legal to application integration with the hub Windows shares 8: You can, for example, share a URL directly from your browser or that direct photo roll camera .Additionally, push notifications are present in this version. It has a tile dynamic – notifications are displayed directly on your Start screen.

However, there are still some details to be worked out: I only managed to upload an image on the third try, so I got nothing nice error messages and did not describe anything concrete. In addition, there is support for multiple accounts, it is necessary to log out every time you need to use a different account.

A feature which I missed was the stream in real time. This means that your timeline willnot update alone, forcing you to perform this task manually. In touch screens is easy, just pull your finger up and down. If you depend on a mouse, the task is more complicated: it is necessary to click the right button and then click “Refresh” or even pull the scroll bar manually (you can not use the scroll to it). This is available in morimbundo Twitter application for Mac, which does not receive updates since June 2011.

The application is free, entirely in Portuguese and is now available for download from the Windows Store. It is an excellent alternative, after all, with the changes API Twitter, will be very difficult to find some good free client for the social network.