Types of High-waisted Pants

The high-waisted pants are now a leader who can not miss in the closet of a woman. Learn with us how to combine and what is the high-waisted trouser model that is better on your body

They are back and the trend of the moment. But how you wear high-waisted pants ? They’re good at all? With what can we match them?

Considered a leader vintage or retro, they are now able to come back and to be in fashion for a couple of years. Regardless of the season you will see them in shop windows, on to other girls or even on the red carpet at the social events.

1. How many types of high-waisted pants!

The skinny : the skinny models there are a lot of all kinds, from jeans, to shorts , to elegant trousers. It is the very narrow model and is suitable for women who want to highlight their body. The fabric is elastic so easy to wear and comfortable.

A palace : this type of pants is more suitable for long-limbed figures who want to enhance their skinny legs.

Flared : they are the most suitable model for the figures neither particularly thin nor too in flesh; they still tend to emphasize the waist and not too bandage the leg.

  1. High Waist Pants: how to wear them and who can doThe high-waisted pantscreate the effect of a flatter belly but expand a bit ‘the hip area and seating. So women with a lean and linear body can compensate for the lack of curves due to the volume of the pants. For women with softer shapes instead of the high-waisted pants will fit anyway because they will tend to hide a few extra pounds in. Belly area Kim Kardashian often wears pants with a high waist to highlight her narrow waist and divert attention from big hips. The models with wide leg, more, will tend to further harmonize the proportions of the body.
    The pants with princes, however, create movement in the belly area and hide according to EstateLearning.com.

3. How to match the high-waisted pants?

The combination depends on the end result we want to achieve. They are all the rage the high-waisted pants baggy and you can match virtually anything.

For a stylish look you can match the pants a blouse or a silk or satin blouse , wide or narrow it does not matter, but if it were it would be best to put it away under trousers and not leave it out.
Even blouses or blouses with transparency strung inside the pants do not become vulgar.
to streamline the figure even more you can wear a body under trousers that will fit perfectly to the shape and give you a restraining effect on the figure.
Even t-shirts or corsets will be fine, the important thing is that the figure is enhanced and not “baggy”.

As for shoes with wide trousers and high waist are certainly wear the high shoes , so wedges, sandals with heels or shoes with plateau. Shoes with a high heel in addition to give you a few more inches will slanceranno and create the illusion of slimmer legs.

  1. Match the high-waisted pants with Crop Top
    Thecrop topis a short shirt or tank top that leaves your belly, there are of various lengths, can be wide or narrow.
    The top crop already this winter had taken hold in the fashion of the stars, and now that it’s hot here too we can take advantage. They are in fact a desert and are the pairings and really beautiful outfits that look good on any physical!

People often think they’re all right only worn by very skinny girls, but it is not true, because a crop top if worn in the right way even more enhance a longer feature in the flesh.

The important thing for those who want not to show the belly is that the pants come in a few centimeters above the navel , in order to cover the belly and show the bust.
The trick for when you wear a crop top with waist pants high is to not show too much skin .