US Site Only Works During Business Hours

Ah, the Internet. Source of amusement, pornography, information, social networking sites, pornography, services Google and more pornography, among other things. The good of this world is that everything that I quoted is available anytime, provided there is a connection to the net. But a specific site follows a different logic. This site, which is part of the State University of Ohio, USA, closes at night and reopens day.

It is this site, which is intended for anyone who is or intends to enroll in the student assistance program to the ward. If you try to access it outside of the appointment on the page (21h a day at 5 am the other GMT) it will be inaccessible. The reason? Who knows. But according to a Reddit user, this is not the only one. Several sectors of the University of Ohio have websites that implement this restriction nothing strange.

We would like to remember that, unlike the site above, TB is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unless our server suffers an unexpected crash because of a catastrophic storm in Chicago. Seriously, it’s happened.

Do you know any Brazilian or foreign site that also follows this rule? Post in the comments!