USB Type C to HDMI Cable

Ports USB Type C who invite themselves gradually among all manufacturers could well go beyond simple improvements they bring in terms of transfers of data and charge time (according to the used standard). It will be soon possible to stream the contents of your smartphone to his TV through cable USB Type C to HDMI.

The USB Type C is becoming the new standard for smartphones Android. We appreciate these connectors, not only due to their reversible appearance but also for the time savings that they bring to the level of the load and much faster data transfers when the manufacturers decide to use the standard USB 3.0 or 3.1. But very soon they will have another use because manufacturers are now able to offer the cable USB Type C to HDMI.

In short, it will be soon possible to stream the contents of your smartphone (or other device) to his TV (or other medium) through the port USB C. practice to look at pictures with friends! Need adapter or dongle. Anyway, note that, as a first step, these cables will use only the old HDMI 1.4 b standard and not the new HDMI 2.0 b.

Therefore, the technology will be able to withstand 4K video, 3D, HDMI-CEC and HEC and the Audio Return Channel but not 4K HDR videos. That said, it’s already not bad even though there are now tons of solutions to share multimedia content between their smartphone and his TV.

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This underscores once again the character multi-purpose USB Type C which now replaces the headphone jack with some manufacturers like Lenovo or LeEco. This, on the other hand, it would of happened!