Using Pipe Boots Medium Country

When we talk about middle boots, one of the models that comes right to the head are the famous and stylish Texan boots, but there is a huge menu of different models, and all styles, some with a more rock footprint that is the case the biker boots and sock, which are also aggregated to military style, others are more delicate, such as chamois or shades of lighter colors. It is a very famous piece in our clothing and very popular in winter, and the best, never goes out of fashion! That boot that you bought last year’s winter and retired in your wardrobe, you can go high in the following year.

Mid-cut is very popular in the clothing of supporters style rocker, I especially love passes more dark and sexy at the same time footprint. They are beautiful models that accompany the looks. Another style where the mid-cut boots are very popular is the folk, as a footprint more “Hippie” is a super cute style and boots accompanying looks, usually the Texan, is a charm only, and depending on how you combine fall well with various styles, not just folk.

It is considered mid-cut when the length is above the ankle. So not much difference ankle boots, they need a little care when they are used. Who is thin, with legs not too thick, it is perfect, you can abuse! But who has the legs a little thicker, which is the case of most Brazilians, you must be careful when it comes to match any piece of clothing or buy some inappropriate model.

Using Eastern Pipe Boots

For those who have long, thin legs, medium boots are a great option, give a valued in pernocas, hence you can use with shorts or dresses, and even skirts.

Just like ankle boots, the average boots fall very well with pants skinny and leggings. Another nice suggestion is to use them with pantyhose, leaves the more modern look.

Biker boots and warboots leave in evidence the military style, for those who enjoy this style is a great option, and can be combined with shorts, skirts, blazers, leggings and skinny jeans.

For those with thick legs, careful to use booties because they fall not always good, and can flatten it. When using, prefer the wider boots in the calf, and combine with shorts not very fair, more folgadinhos, to take the evidence of thick legs, socks dark trousers is also an alternative.

Patterned shorts look great with lighter boots, brown tones and nude are good options to match.