Video and Images Provides New Look at Google’s Pixel-Mobiles

A new video and a set of included 3D models provides a detailed, 360-degree look at the two upcoming top models from Google, Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Two months ago we got the first idea about how Google’s two upcoming phones from HTC will get to see out, but it was an early drawing, and many details were still unknown.

A new video and a corresponding set of images, as the website Android Authority and Twitter-tips site Onleaks stands behind, gives the best insight into how Google’s phones will look like.

As has been seen, get Pixel-the phones quite a stylish design in an aluminium construction, which on the back upper third instead of metal is a black piece of glossy plastic or glass to find.

The front is, as on previous Nexus phones from Google, without some logos and frills – very minimalist and all black. The associated 3D models of Pixel-the phones also reveals that made room for what is likely to be two speakers at the bottom. It is, however, never to know it sure if it actually means two speakers in either mono or stereo Setup. Often seen it for that one speaker grille just for decoration in order to get a symmetrical design.

It has, however, been on talkthat Pixel-phones be equipped with stereo speakers, so in other words, it is quite likely. Just as the company’s previous phones, Nexus 5 x and Nexus 6 p, Google also continues to use USB Type-C-port, so you don’t have to worry about which way you turn ladestikket.

If you should be worried about whether there is a 3.5 mm jack plug into these two new Pixel-phones or not, now that Apple has chosen to remove it in iPhone 7, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. There is room for such a in the ‘ top- a location which is to be preferred among Mobile site and mobile readers.

Along with the video and the pictures it appears also from the new information to the small model code-named Sailfish gets goals 143.8 x 69.5 x 7.3 mm. To set the size a little in relief is the 3.2 mm lower, 3.1 mm narrower and 0.6 mm thinner on the thinnest place than Nexus 5 x. The screen is also saw similar slightly smaller in the small Pixel-phone – 5 “opposite 5.2’ in Nexus 5 x.

This year sees Google appear to change smartphone strategy. Since 2010, Google has had its own Nexus-product series, which primarily consists of smartphones, but also tablets and tv boxes. These have always been delivered with an unchanged version of the Android operating system, and since the software is provided by Google no matter which manufacturer that stands behind the units, you are guaranteed to get the new Android versions before other units from the many different smartphone manufacturers.

If the last few months rumors is to take good items, Google will, however, change on this strategy. The new Pixel-phones will be provided with a number of exclusive features in the form of an adaptation of an operating system in the same way as, for example, Samsung puts its Touchwiz skin on top of Android.

The current list of Pixel-exclusive news consists of a special home screen, changed the navigation buttons, the opportunity to bring the notification panel forward with a swipe at the fingerprint reader and aredesigned Settings app.

Google’s two upcoming phones are expected to be published Tuesday 4. October, while they supposedly will land in the deal shortly after the 20. October.