View Jabra’s New Wireless Speakers and a Surprise

Web TV: Jabra has new audio products on the way. View them here and get a little surprise.

Jabra is known for particularly their headsets, which often score good grades in tests, but the Danish audio profile does it also in the field of wireless speakers.

The latest products are just shown above, and you can see them up close, in the above feature.

Among the news is is Sole mate Mini and Sole mate Max. Max contains a rechargeable battery with power to 14 hours of music. Paringen is made via NFC, and in the page is there USB Sockets for charging the phone.

When we got the product demonstrated, we must clearly say that it is a box with very sound in.

In the feature tales also about inear-musikheadsettet Jabra Vox, which has won a RedDot Award for its design. Later in the year will be Vox to Rox and the cord disappears.