View of the new Apple record in night

The two new iPhone 6 phones expected to be sold beyond all expectations and may have made China a bigger market than the United States. In return expected iPad sales continue to be problems when Apple late in the evening reports results.

Expectations are soaring to the American IT giant Apple, which late in the evening Danish time is expected to produce a record accounts, although not without gloomy figures.

Apple has long been the world’s most valuable company and hit apparently right as the two new iPhone 6 phones came on the market in the fall. They are significantly larger than its predecessors and took thus finally stand against especially its arch rival Samsung’s phones, which in size is approaching the smallest tablet PCs. Apple had until then refused to make phones with larger screens but bowed as Samsung’s success was clear.

Especially in China is expected Apple to have done well, and this may be the first time where Apple’s sales in China are larger than domestically USA. Apple’s chief executive since 2011, Tim Cook, said two years ago that the Chinese market will be larger than the US.

According to this blog article, Apple’s previous sales record was 51 million phones, and several analysts believe that there may have been a record high in October and December. In return, expect most of the sales of iPad tablet computers will continue to decline, as it has done over the past three quarters. In July-September was only sold 12.32 million iPads from 13.3 million three months earlier and 14,080,000 years before.

Latest quarterly report, covering July-September 2014 ensured Apple a profit of 8.46 billion dollars out of a total turnover of 42.12 billion. This corresponds to a profit of 56.1 billion kroner, or more than 610 million kroner every day.

The disputed Taiwanese electronics factory Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest, announced Tuesday, to be cut down on the 1.3 million-strong workforce as a result of falling revenues and rising wages in China, the news agency Reuters. It is the subsidiary Hon Hai Precision Industry, in particular,account for a large part of Apple’s production of phones and tablet PCs.

The working conditions at the factories has been sharply criticized, and after a series of suicide was Apple pressured to get independent eyes to improving conditions for employees.

According to IDC who follows technology world close, the growth in smartphone sales in 2015 will be only half of the 26 percent increase, which in 2014 saw, and PC sales will go three percent back. At the same time the average price of a smartphone phone in 2018 to 19 percent less than last year, when it stood at $ 297 or 1,970 kroner.

Over the next winter months and spring expected Apple to have its fitnessur, Apple Watch, ready, like a new Macbook Air-PC with 12-inch display rumored on the way. Finally, there has been a 12.9 inch large iPad Pro, which – like Samsung have it – to be equipped with digital pen and go after the business market.