Vintage Mirrors, Indispensable in Decoration

Hello! What week? Mine is still chaotic, but that’s a separate case hehe. Today I speak of a must for any home and that is the mirror. Help us attract the depth and at the same time offering breadth in the spaces, also help to duplicate the light of spaces that are key for small spaces.

There is always a mirror where we find it because there can be failures and place it in a room or wall where reflects natural light into the could be annoying. Normally they are always placed on top of the bed for makeup, a dresser, a fireplace… or supported on the ground or in a Cabinet, not everything has to be hung! Today this very in trend mirror furniture also a windfall for small spaces.

In addition the mirrors can decorate any part of the House entrance hall, lounge, dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms even in the kitchen if you have to give breadth will be the most successful way to achieve it.

I leave you with a mix of styles and forms in addition to my selection of my favorites.