Vintage Shirt Womens

Vintage shirts for women are now more popular than ever! Learn now what it has with the trendsetting retro look to it.

Vintage Shirt Womens

What distinguishes the modern vintage style?

Is in the fashion of vintage speech, then it’s all about new clothes, the “made in old” is. The individual pieces are thus characterized by a certain distressed. Frayed ends, open edges, faded prints, washed-out colors, cracks, and patches chaffing give the garments a charming flair. But old-fashioned cuts and designs that appear to come from another time are considered vintage or retro. Explore the Online Shop around a little: Find vintage ladies shirts with diverse tastes.


What can be combined vintage shirts?

Vintage shirts for women are to be combined individually and good as said by nature gnosis. They are particularly suitable for a sporty or casual leisure look which is refreshed by the used-design. Best fit the retro shirts to a simple jeans and comfortable sneakers. But skilful stylistic inconsistencies can be produced, for example, by a vintage shirt with chino and pumps. In addition, many other combinations are also conceivable. Let your creativity run wild!


What you have to consider when buying vintage shirts?

As in conventional T-shirt, a vintage shirt has to have the right fit and quality. Information on this is the material composition: Ideal shirts with high cotton content and little elastane – which guarantees dimensional stability and a high wearing comfort. In addition, a new shirt should not have loose threads and pleasant feel on the skin.


Long shirts are vintage-look for each character?

Yes, long shirts actually flatter any female figure, according to wikipedia. In the end, you decide whether through a vintage shirt with chino and pumps and you decide whether you choose a vintage shirt in long form with a narrow, straight or wide cut.. This requires close pants and comfortable shoes, topped off with a wide belt that is permeable to the hips – and already is your feminine vintage style finish. In addition, many other combinations are also conceivable. Let your creativity run wild!


Vintage – where does the term come from?

Vintage stores, vintage furniture, vintage clothing where you currently also looking, the term vintage meets everywhere. In “Vintage” is originally an English technical term from the wine terminology. There, the word has been used for a long time for the harvest, the vintage of a wine or a particularly fine vintage or quality wine villages. This transfer referred to “Vintage” So all items older age with higher quality. The term is found therefore also as a style name in the fashion world.

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