VIP Pregnant

All women pregnant jet-set! Who will visit the Stork this year?

The year has just begun but for many women VIPs will certainly be a sensational year. Many, in fact, coming into 2011 with a beautiful belly! Which port will knock the Stork?

It certainly has gone to find the supermodel Miranda Kerr, who last January 7 became a mother of Flynn, had by actor Orlando Bloom. Will pass home of actress Natalie Portman, fresh winner of a Golden Globe. Her baby bump, banded in a silk dress, is one of the most beautiful images of the ceremony! Even the French colleague Marion Cottilard expecting her first child, in 35 years, while it will be the fourth for the former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham who, after three men from strange names, hoping for a girl.

In the month of March will come the second son of the always beautiful Eva Herzigova, delighted to gain weight for her doctor and in open controversy with women who prefer not to have children and sfigurarsi with cosmetic surgery to maintain a shape from little girls. How to blame the beautiful model 37 year old? Always prey to gossip, also because it is not one that you save, Kate Moss back to talk to him because of “rounding up suspects” on her slimmer figure. It is also the second coming of Stork top top? We’ll see!

Seems certain instead pregnancy of funny actress Kate Hudson, though the news is a “friend” knowledgeable “. The baby’s father is the leader of the rock group Muse, Matthew Bellamy, who thanks to the Hudson will be father for the first time. In the pipeline is Penelope Cruz’s pregnancy.The Spanish actress awaits the birth of her first child by her husband, the pregnant actor Javier Bardem, in a few short weeks. The little one will be born in the United States although the whole Spain waits the happy event with trepidation.

Singer Mariah Carey is among pregnant women of the jet set. The talented Mariah wait indeed twins, but pregnancy didn’t stop her, so much so that on 5 December she sang her Disney dressed as Santa Claus.

Another singer Pink pregnant is 5°, the volcanic months pregnant; the singer chose to call his son Jameson, like whisky. Particular name, no doubt about it! The VIPs of our House there are certainly watching the stars of Hollywood and so here is the beautiful Luisa Ranieri, historical companion to Luca Zingaretti, expecting their first child (or so says the magazine “Diva e Donna”).Apparently the Ranieri is three months pregnant, an event which certainly will make radiant the mate, who recently had expressed their desire to be a father. And always with the magazine “Diva and Woman” immortalized the belly the Volleyball Player Maurizia Cacciatori, in a photo shoot showing her sweet along with fellow basketball player Francesco Orsini.

The actress Lucilla Agosti could give birth at any moment a girl who doesn’t have a name yet. The blonde actress wants to choose it with her husband only once she has the baby in her arms. Finally after a dark period for the former suitor of “men and women” Alessandra Pierelli, expecting their first child in the spring. The 2011 thus opens under the banner of hope and life … best wishes for future Moms vip!