Wall Clocks Modern Design

This collection of amazing clocks will impress you with their creativity and intelligent design. With its uniqueness, these watches will no doubt transform your interior. When we talk about design, everything is important, even the smallest details. Therefore, some watches are designed to fit perfectly in a particular style interior. Modern watches are usually minimalist design, but that does not prevent them to be unique and creative. Most of them are designed in black and white range, although there are color options that managed to preserve its modern vision. You can view and enjoy these watches with modern design.

Modern clock with large numbers. Interesting, is not it? Using colors like black, red and white, gives the watch a very beautiful attraction.

Clock shaped sun. Inspired by the sun, this watch will become a great decorative accent to your decor.

Wall clock with Roman numerals. Numbers in this clock are expressed in several ways: by ordinary numbers, Roman numerals and words carved into the very face.

Wall clock for polyglots. Instead of numbers in this clock are used words and then in different languages.

Wall clock with a spherical shape. Beautiful and colorful, this clock is very good decoration for any of the vacant walls in your home.

Wall clock with curved lines. Very elegant timepiece that combines curved lines in green shades.

Newfangled clock. Extremely stylish wall clock with carved figures. This clock combines various shapes and colors, bringing retro style in the interior.

Wall clock in white and pink. 3D clock where the numbers stand out, creating a sense of volume. Wall clock with rainbow numbers of this clock are gathered in itself all colors of the rainbow.

Wall clock with colored circles by Phoenixwallclocks. Circles of different sizes and colors have replaced the numbers in this clock.

Wall clock with a remarkable design. Numbers in this clock are designed in a very creative way and are surrounded by a black border.

Wall clock with cut numbers. Numbers this clock look like they were cut from the face and put some distance from it.

Wall clock shaped setting sun. Very elegant clock with bright red accents.

Abstract clock. Design of this unique timepiece includes figures of various sizes located on one side the dial.