Wall Stickers FAQs

What is the difference between fiberglass and fiberglass wallpaper?
With fiberglass wallpaper made ​​up the back of the wallpaper from glass fleece. For example, the upper layer may be a vinyl structure. Through the glass fleece carrier of wallpaper, you can use this type of wallpaper is also sufficient to smear the wall with wallpaper paste. The wallpaper has virtually no stretch and contraction and is easy to process. With fiberglass wallpaper are many more possibilities to vary with color and relief/pattern.

A glass cloth wallpaper is a “weave.” It is woven of thin glass threads, have a slightly open structure, and will always be ready with a suitable color.

For both types of wallpaper is that they are crack-bridging.

Can I paste into a new house directly on the bare concrete, glass cloth removable wallpaper?
In principle, it may be good, but then edit the walls or minimum one day before you behangen- first with a primer or diluted wallpaper paste to eliminate the cravings of the walls. First, it is wise to go along the walls with a wide scraper/putty knife to remove the dirt face fixed/stucco, possibly with the help of sandpaper. Enter for grain-free and dust from the walls gross irregularities and larger holes in the concrete with an appropriate muurvuller, which you later rubbing lightly before going to glue.

I want to have painted the roof of the garret in my attic covered with glass tissue. Can this and I must first finish the cracks?

You can wallpaper the ceiling. Please realize that the glass fiber fabric wallpaper is about one meter wide, so that it may be appropriate to do this with two. To be sure that the roof of the first clean latex or wall paint and cleaning and sanding with a turpentine-soluble color due to adhesion. It is advisable to first fill bigger cracks and joints with putty or muurvuller. Small cracks will mark clearer after wallpapering and you can seal with acrylic.

I got the job wallpaper cut short. Can I still use it?

Yes this can be done by double-cut. You place a new piece of wallpaper for short course and create an overlap of about 10 centimeters.
Place a cutting ruler of about five centimeters from the overlap and cut both layers of wallpaper in one fluid motion with a sharp knife. Save the wallpaper again, remove the cut strip of about 5cm and rub the wallpaper neatly against each other on the wall. Possibly the first time a little glue on the wall as the ground or the wallpaper has become too dry.

I hung windows or glass with glass tissue?

Yes, this can only clean the glass in good time and preferably beplak glass on both sides. Think of a longer drying time because the surface is non-porous. Do not wait longer than portray the walls would be the case.

My new house will be ready to wallpaper. I still have to do something before I go on the walls papered?
Ready wallpaper should in principle mean that you can hang directly. In practice, you must first remove the face fixed dirt and gravel by scraping or sanding before you can wallpapering. It is also wise to gross irregularities and air blowing first filling/smoothing. The wall of iron or glue to lift suction, it never hurts and it is always wise.
Is there a difference in quality glass cloth wallpaper and latex?

Yes, as with many other products, there is a quality difference. The glass fabric that is due to the weight/thickness per m2 and the density and the accuracy of the tissue. When latex/wall color -one was particularly coverage, pigmentation, color fastness, dirt adhesion and the ability to clean latex. Often cheap but expensive purchase. See: Art, painting wall qualities.

Must I always paint fiberglass twice?

Yes, for a beautiful, opaque and dense result anyway. The glass fabric wallpaper should be first saturated with latex. In addition, twice finishing necessary for the cover and gets the whole body more.

What is more beautiful plaster or fiberglass?

Beautiful or not beautiful is always personal and a matter of taste. In the longer term, you need to think about gestukte leveling walls or plaster on the walls like you who want to have smooth and fiberglass wallpaper will cost some effort to steam away the wallpaper. Application of Latex/wall paint on walls before papering can facilitate the steaming of glass cloth wallpaper afterward what.