Waterfall Shirt Tutorial

Waterfall shirts flatter your figure and move assets skillfully into perspective. Learn more about the playful trend parts.

Waterfall Shirt Tutorial

What is special about waterfall shirts?

Waterfall shirts come in the area of ​​the cut with wide falling material, the neck and décolleté plays around softly and thus beautifully sets the scene. Thus, the neck portion has a particularly slim and feminine, the breasts appear larger. By directing waterfall shirts by their section to focus on the upper body, unwanted love handles are hidden skillfully to torso and hip. And because the shirts at the hip and abdomen that fall fitting but relaxed let your silhouette appear more slender.


What women wear waterfall shirts particularly well?

Women with beautiful neckline, wider hips and round buttocks feel in waterfall shirts usually particularly well because they bring their assets optimally to light and detract from any problem areas. But even women with broad shoulders and slender waist view http://www.extrareference.com/2015/12/vintage-shirts-for-ladies/. However, you should for shirt combine a skirt with wider hem to compensate for wide neck.


How do you combine waterfall shirts most skillfully?

Since waterfall shirts are very soft and loose, it is recommended to combine it with a narrow jeans or leggings. Very flared pants for this section could be the figure act total misshapen. If the segment particularly far fails, you can carry including a thin basic shirt with round neck. However V-neck basics or turtlenecks nullify the waterfall section. For playful shirt fit feminine shoes as little ballerinas, high heels or delicate sandals.


How does a waterfall shirt particularly advantageous?

A waterfall shirt gives a clear view on a lot of skin, which is why it requires a nice and neat neckline. Treat yourself why now and gentle scrubs that remove dead skin cells and provide the skin with moisture. So your neckline looks firmer and more radiant. Round off this care ritual with the application of a body lotion. In addition, you can set additional accents fantastic with delicate glitter powder.


Which waterfall shirts on the website?

We cover a wide range of casual, elegant and playful waterfall shirts for charming look. You will find models with short and long sleeves, Styles in discreet to cheerful solid color, but also with unusual and colorful patterns. In addition, you can look forward to browsing through our range of special details, like playful ruffles bat sleeves or asymmetrical cuts.


Further information:

Style: With waterfall collar, plain, patterned, ruffles and lace, with round neck, long shirts, glitter and sequins, 2-in-1, top, without hood, striping patterns without closure, without bag, wrap and wrap look, with zipper, asymmetrically, with buttons, ruffles, rolled shirts, distressed, V-neck, ruffles and tucks.

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