Waves in Your Hair, How to Create This Natural Effect

Waves in your hair, how to create this natural effect quickly and easily! The beach waves are the trend of the summer 2014 and achieve them is really simple: Let’s see how to do it.

During the summer we should let our hair and not stressing them with plates, hairdryer and chemical dyes, limiting ourselves to nourish the hair with creams restructuring. This obviously does not mean going around with a shapeless clump on the head, on the contrary, we take advantage of the heat and sunlight to create a natural look in detail. The beach waves, or wavy hair, are a must in summer 2014 and donate to any face, as well as being able to be easily achievable on all lengths from super long to pixie cut and bob.

The purpose of beach waves is to reproduce the typical effect of hair left to dry in the Sun, after a day at the beach, and realize it really is elementary! If your hair is naturally wavy, just apply a volumizing spray and don’t comb your hair, leaving it dry, without using the hair dryer. However, if your hair is straight, you can use a saline spray to spray on wet hair, and then loosely braiding hair. In this case, let the natural hot air and sunshine to dry your hair.

If you can’t wait for your hair to dry yourself, use the curling iron, proceeding in this manner:

  • apply the saline spray on individual strands
  • roll up quickly, and for a few seconds, each strand around the iron, without giving a precise order distribution and curl width

If you want, once the hair feels dry, you can spray a fixative sprays that keep your waves, taking care, however, not weight your hair: remember, we strive for natural sea super effect!