Wear High or Low Heeled Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes with high heels they definitely have their charms, but even those with low or no can be just as beautiful.

The shoes with high heels are the quintessence of femininity, however walk in heels can be complicated for those who normally wears only shoes. This is not a diktat, although it is the day of your wedding according to Thembaprograms. The heel height is not that important, it is better to wear low wedding shoes, rather than walking so clumsily or as you were drunk, don’t you think?

The perfect wedding shoes, with or without high heels, are first and foremost comfortable, we must not forget the “little” detail that you will have to walk for a whole day. In principle, the heels should be avoided, or you can choose a pair of shoes with plateau, this year so fashionable, or opt for plan b: high shoes for the ceremony and flats for after the ceremony. The important thing is that you choose a heel that leaps, but also within your reach.

Of course, don’t forget that the heel must be adequate even at the height of the groom. If you are taller than your future husband, give up the idea of high heels, would you prefer the flats or low heeled wedding shoes. The choice in this sense is quite varied and you can dare even with colors, a trend that is becoming increasingly “foot” even outside the catwalks.

To adapt shoes to your foot wear shoes a few days before the wedding. In this way you will have time to test them and to change in case you get hurt. A neat trick, if the sole of your shoe is slippery, rub it a little with sandpaper.