Wedding Cakes in Planes

Wedding cakes in floors, the most beautiful and spectacular for your wedding. The romantic theme of white at sugar sculptures that represent the couple, here are some of the most beautiful wedding cakes in recent years.

The spectacle of the wedding cake is one of the constants of the weddings of the past few years, otherwise we wouldn’t be here talking about cake design nor broadcasts entirely dedicated to sweets that could be easily classified as true works of art dramatic. Not the common wedding cake, but real sugar sculptures that from floor to floor are enriched with decorations, and are not only nice to look at but also very good, as long as you like the sweet taste of sugar paste.

So in recent years the classic single cakes fell into fortunes, in favour of the typical American wedding cake Designer cakes according to Remzfamily, real fruit and non-symmetrical plans which overlap each other. But that’s not all, because one of the peculiarities of this kind of cake is the “scene” that turns it into a real sculpture of sugar, which usually fits the mood or theme of the wedding.

From classic wedding cakes total white animated by floral arrangements and romantic ruffles to those that are not limited only to “duplicate” the theme of the wedding but often are made in such a way that it can represent the couple, there is an embarrassment of choice. And so if you love travel cannot miss globe and suitcase between decorations, as well as books and newspapers will be indispensable if you’re a couple of bookworms, or even a stethoscope for a doctor, and so on. In short, there is an embarrassment of choice and find your expert pastry chef, you have to customize your wedding cake as you like. You have absolutely no idea?