Wedding DIY: Table Cards Cupcakes

On today’s DIY Tuesday, we will introduce you to the winners of our wedding DIY competition. Birte from Hamburg has not only won the competition with her table cards Cupcakes, but is also a professional sugar baker by profession. She works for a very tasty food portal and runs her blog with the name Not all cups in the cupboard for two years. What is it about? To her cup of love, of course. We wish you a lot of fun with the baking (we can also imagine the tasty and tasty table cards at a party or a baptism).

There are these ingredients for your cupcakes:

For the dough:
6 eggs, 250 g soft butter, 150 g brown sugar, 1 packet vanillin sugar, grated peel and 5 tablespoons juice of 1 organic orange, salt, 325 g flour, 1 packet of baking powder, 4 tbsp milk, 12 Paperback shape

For the butter cream:
500 g soft butter, 100 g raspberry jelly, 200 g powdered sugar

For the
meringues : 4 egg white, 2 tsp lemon juice, 200 g sugar, red food color

For embellishment:
wide and narrow belt, eg in white and pink, 1 bow cardboard, eg in pink

And so it is done:

Lay out the troughs of a muffin sheet with the paper forms. Separate 2 eggs (use egg whites for meringue tufts). 250 g butter, the brown sugar, vanillin sugar. Mix the orange peel and 1 pinch of salt until creamy. 4 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks. Mix the flour and baking powder and mix the mixture alternately with orange juice and milk. Fill the dough into the muffin molds. Bake in a preheated oven (electric oven: 175°C/circulating air: 150°C/gas: step 2) for approx. 17 minutes.

For the meringue tufts in white and pink, beat 2 egg whites each with 1 tsp of lemon juice and add 100 g of sugar. For the pink tuffs, add a few drops of red food color, depending on the desired color intensity. Fill the baiser mass into a spray bag with a star spout and place on a sheet of small tufts designed with baking paper. Let the meringue dry in the oven for 1 hour.

For the butter cream, rasp the raspberry jelly through a fine sieve. 500 g of butter and 200 g of powdered sugar. Whisk for about 15 minutes with a hand mixer. Stir the raspberry jelly by the spoon.
Now it’s about decorating the cupcakes. For this, the cooled chunks in each case slightly dome-shaped with approx. 2 tbsp butter cream spread and the Baisertuffs on it distribute.

To the “base” the Cupcakes pretty loops of your choice drappieren. For the name plate, cut the heart out of a matching cardboard box and label with a varnish pencil. Carefully place the hearts in the butter cream hood. Finished!

You would like to know more about the sugar baker Birte and her blog Not all cups in the cupboard? Nothing easier than that, please very much:

“I work as a producer / editor at a food portal. I love and Sammele Mugs. From my enthusiasm for cups, the idea for the blog emerged. For two years now I am posting everything there, which is connected with cups in the way and appears worthwhile. I write about my own cup stock, cup purchases, cup gifts, new discoveries and cups, which “fall into my hands” with friends and family. Decoration ideas with cups and cup recipes have then also come about with the time. And even after two years the “stuff” for new entries is not enough. ”

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