Wedding Dress: 8 Recommendations No Stress

The big day brings with it a great deal of stress: invitations, invitations, party, dress, the pursuit of perfection …

Anxiety grows with the passage of days and the decisions to be taken. The risk is to get to the wedding so weak from not being able to enjoy the day.

“The risk is real, but is there a way to prevent the accumulation of excessive voltages – warns Jennifer Baumgartner, psychologist that specializes in fashion obsession – the important thing is to keep a spare amount of energy it takes to the future bride to de-stress in an active way in the days before the ceremony.”

Here are the 8 notes of the psychologist to get to the altar “in reserve”:

1. Time Out: take a day off. Get away for 24 from everything about the wedding preparations. Don’t speak of souvenirs and invitations, and don’t even think about it. Close the magazines and avoid specialist shops. Concentrate on more.

2. Don’t forget the true meaning of marriage: don’t forget your compass! The big day is the beginning of a new life, a new family, the celebration of the marriage, despite all the stylish details that make it a special day.

3. Think about the future: the recollection of the marriage will not be exclusively that of the white dress, the cake and the tableau de mariage. A funny detail, a baby on the way, an anniversary, a surprise will make current and always special that day, more than perfection that it represented.

4. Put in your shoes: skyscraper heels, strizzante dress, do not forget that in that dress you will be able to resist a whole day … breathe, eat and dance.

5. Customized your Bridal outfit: add to your detail dress, an accessory that is already in your wardrobe, a little bag, a pashmina, a pair of earrings. Will give you security.

6. be yourself: avoid experimentation in look and what is nice but does not give. In your dress, you feel safe: go for what is good although not very hip.

7. No tour de force: No to starvation diets , ariticiali’re exhausting workouts and tans. That day your smile he will hide the extra pounds too much or not perfectly toned triceps.

8. Do what makes you feel happy. White dress, long or short. There are no dogmas, feel free to break any rule, even the previous 7.